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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 70: Turn 10 - Soviet Movement Phase

In addition to the massive troop build-up all along the line from Leningrad to Smolensk, the Soviets also dispatch huge numbers of tanks to the area along the Volkhov river. These form the backbone of the new 5th Guards Tank Army.

In Voronezh, Stalingrad Front prepares to hold the city against any possible Axis actions.

Further south, 4th Tank Army is rebuilt and given a large supply reserve in order to quickly restore it to a front-line capable state. This operation concludes without a hitch. It's obvious that the Soviet logistic organisation is becoming better and better by the month.

I need movement orders from Fangz, Spookydonut, cokerpilot and C... The deadline for these is Thursday, April 17, 7 PM GMT. Good luck.