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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 71: Turn 10 - Soviet Combat Phase

Turn 10: November/December 1942

Hot on the heels of their recent successes, the Soviets start another set of winter offensives before the weather gets truly horrible. They begin in the north, reforming their forces near the front line.

Around Smolensk, a large part of their forces move back into the strategic reserve, while the rest pushes on to envelop German, Hungarian and Rumanian armies holding the northern flank of the Kharkov line. Polkovnik Gradenko is appointed the leader of this advance, with his 1st Byelorussian Front forming its spearhead.

To prevent a dangerous breakthrough, the Stalingrad Front is moved north to protect the flanks.

Two large and powerful forces move to press on against the Voronezh salient from the south. The situation is beginning to look bleak for the Axis armies.

Even the usually static Crimean Front wakes up to see additional Soviet forces march in from deep within the peninsula to put pressure on the forces south of the frozen Dneper.

The Germans decide to react to these movements. Seeing a weakness in the line around Smolensk, they move their infantry armies to seal off supply lines for the Soviet advance.

I need The Sandman to place up to five Target markers in hexes the Soviets will voluntarily attack this turn. If less than 4 are placed and later attacked, the Soviets will lose two Victory Points because of Major Offensive. After that is done, Logicone may declare Counterblows. Once we have a full list of battles for the turn, The Sandman will declare in what order they are to be resolved and may commit cards and Shock! markers to them. Logicone may then commit his cards in response. Meanwhile, the German Army Group commanders and Soviet sector commanders can post their preferred retreat destinations, advance paths, and which units they'd prefer to take an EX or CB result, as well as whether or not they would accept a counter-attack.

I will not set a deadline for this, since I've been shitty at keeping up deadlines recently and want to break that bad streak. Good luck, commanders.