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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 90: Turn 13 - May/June 43

Is it possible to actually sip vodka? I don't think I've ever seen people drink less than a shot at a time.

The Soviets ship some understrength and reserve formations to plug a gap in the line near Kharkov.

With this we conclude Turn 12.

Front line change

Blue is last turn, red is current. While the Germans are in overall retreat, we can see that they've managed to contain the Soviet breakout from the Crimea - for now, at least.


It is now Turn 13. The weather is Clear and non-variable. The Turn event is Begin two free Soviet Upgrades. This means that from this Organisation Phase onward, the Soviets will receive a second bonus Upgrade for their units. They now have a steady reserve of experienced troops and a stable industry, and they can really channel these advantages.

The Germans receive 1 Blitz! token for use this turn, while the Soviets get 1 Shock! token.

The Axis have one card in hand, so they have no need to discard. They draw 4.

They then play Das Vaterland to draw two more cards.

The first one of them is Fickle Weather, which has no effect this turn. The Axis draw a replacement card.

Everything checks out.

The 1st Panzer, 2nd Army, 4th Army, 6th Army, 9th Army and 16th Army are all eligible to be flipped back up to full strength at a cost of two discards per unit.

They receive two units as reinforcements. One is the returning 3rd Rumanian, which can be placed in any City in Greater Germany, while the other is the Kampfgruppe 2, available again from the Cadre Units Available Box.

They also have a bunch of units they can call up as reinforcements. These can all be placed in any City hex in Greater Germany, but the Shattered units can also come back in any Axis-controlled City hex in the USSR that is not in an EZOC and can trace an Overland Supply Path.

I need decisions on discards and placements from Tekopo. The deadline for these is Thursday, July 10, 7 PM GMT.

EDIT: I've also decided to not add people who have not posted in either the docs or the thread for a long time to the new docs in order to make Coups more likely and the docs less cluttered. If any of them wants their access back, just post in the thread. They are still participants in the LP, no question about that, and if I still have them attached to a unit, they remain there.

From the Axis side, I've removed Logicone and GenericRX. As for the Soviets, I've chosen not to add MonotoneMorgan, AceRimmer and HipsterRooster.