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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 91: Turn 13 - Axis Movement Phase: Rebuilding the Broken Machine

The 17th Army is reconstituted in Minsk to help stem the rising red tide in the north.

More forces, including a Panzer army recreated entirely from scratch following the ignominious end of the Leningrad-Volkhov pocket, are dispatched further west, in East Prussia and Generalgouvernement.

More Rumanian reinforcements arrive near the Carpathian mountains and await orders to head east.

Following the beating they took in the north, the 2nd Hungarian is sent to protect a calmer section of the front.

I need movement orders from Davin Valkri, Omobono and sniper4625. The deadline for those is Tuesday, July 15, 7 PM GMT.