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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 94: Turn 13 - Soviet Org Phase

Axis Detraining Phase
Turn 13: May/June 1943

3rd Rumanian is mustered east of Warsaw to plug a gap in the Axis line before the Soviets are ready to continue their push.

Meanwhile, the Red Army brings in another front of reserves west of Smolensk.

The Soviets have 1 card in hand, so they don't have to discard. They draw 4.

As their second card they draw General Mud, which is instantly played. However, the next turn does not have Variable Weather, so it has no effect. The Soviets draw a replacement.

Everything is in order.

The Soviets may now upgrade up to 2 of their units for free. The units to be upgraded must have an Overland Supply Path. If the Soviets choose not to upgrade their Regional Infantry units this way, they may choose to upgrade them to Fortresses by paying a card for every Front upgraded this way. Any units to be upgraded must be already present on the board - units that are about to enter it cannot be upgraded.

The Soviets receive a new unit this turn: a 3-3 Steppe Front. It has to be placed in any Soviet-controlled City in the USSR that can trace an Overland Supply Path, or on a friendly map edge.

The Soviets may also choose to spend cards to bring back their units from the Destroyed Units Box. These units, aside from the normal destinations, may also be used to replace the Ostatky 1 cadre unit. If they do so, they do not arrive Disorganized.

I need discards and placements from Fangz. The deadline for these is Monday, July 28, 7 PM GMT.