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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 96: Turn 13 - Soviet Combat Phase: The Steamroller Powers Up

Having reached the German border in the north, the newly-dubbed Arctic Command under Spookydonut rolls around towards Minsk, liberating most of Belarus in a matter of weeks. The Germans, holed up in the stronghold city that they turned the capital of Belarussian SSR into, offer little resistance to their advance, but prying them out of the city will be a difficult task.

MonotoneMorgan's Forest Command, meanwhile, turns to clearing the defensive line the Germans have set up along the Dneper and the Pripyat marshes. Both the Axis and the Soviets are weaker here than in the north, and the results of the operation are uncertain.

Soviet forces reshuffle around Kharkov in order to push back the advancing German infantry. Further south, a new offensive is mounted towards Dnepropetrovsk.

The Voronezh Front sets out from Novorossiysk and crosses the Kerch Strait, slowly approaching the German forces north of Crimea and protecting the city of Sevastopol.

The Reserve Front and the Sevastopol volunteers have been placed in Stavka reserves to be deployed as needed.

I need up to 5 Target Markers from Fangz. Once those are placed, Tekopo may place Counterblows at a cost of one card per CB markers. Once we have the full list of battles for the turn, the Soviets may commit cards and their sole Shock! marker to them, followed by the Germans doing the same. Meanwhile, the Soviet Sector commanders decide which units take part in which battles, as well as where to advance and which of their troops will take the EX loss or CB marker from an appropriate combat result. The Axis Army Group commanders should post their preferred retreat destinations and preferred EX losses where appropriate, as well as whether or not they would accept a CA result if it becomes available.

The deadline for this is Sunday, August 10, 7 PM GMT.

Good luck.