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Part 5: Plush-Rest part 2

Time to continue this magical journey!!

We resume with Kent looking to find something to eat in the Plush-Rest factory.

I see it's not just Kent's apartment that has the toilet literally right next to the kitchen, and once again this kitchen has doors that don't close. This factory is enormous, why would you deliberately place the kitchen next to the least hygenic room in the entire place?

Also, "Dinner Rosta" is a nice touch.

Just when you thought Neutropolis couldn't get any tackier, we get the Unhappy Breakfast wallpaper, complete with an advertisement for lard.

Of course, the kitchen is also attached to the second-least hygenic room in the entire factory, the locker room, complete with underwear pinned on the wall, and this absurd blob of a man.

How's it going?
Eh? Oh not too well my well-upholstered friend. We're all on strike, hence the relative quiet around this department. No one is going to break anything, especially the picket line we plan to set up after the meeting that's going on now.

This dude's chin is four times the size of the rest of his goddamn head.

What are you on strike for?
They plan to replace us with machines. Apparently they have something to hide. Something to do with a gadget one of our guys found in a chair.

This is starting to sound familiar.

What sort of gadget?
A timing gadget, or something. Collected information relating to how long people sat on their sofas for. They reckon its sensitive, so they are gonna replace us all with more precise droids.

No, they just want to replace you guys because all of you are walking fucking coronary attacks.

Kent asks a quite pertinent question.

How come they want a new tester if they're going to replace everyone with droids?
Well it was advertised before this happened, wasn't it? We've been a body short for some time.

Actually, if this dude is any reflection of the rest of the testers, I'd say the opposite is true around here.

So there's no debris around the place? No one's breaking anything?
Nope. The only debris is that in Tiddler's office. He's real proud of that.

As well as his photoshoot in New Porker magazine, it seems. Kent decides to move on.

I'll be on my way then. Cheer up. It might never happen.
Actually, I think it already is.

Just having spoken to Kent once is apparently all it takes for this worker to decide he hates him, and he subsequently refuses to speak to Kent again for the rest of the game, making him the smartest resident of Neutropolis we've come across so far.

A prosthetic leg. I guess that's plausible. A dude comes to work, takes off his prosthetic leg, hangs it up, and hops away to join the strike.

Actually it's probably more likely to be all that remains from this worker dude's lunch.

Kent briefly considers taking the underwear, but changes his mind.

I'm not touching them. I don't know where they've been. Well I do actually... and that's why I'm not going near them!

It's Mr. Greedy, the Test Department's mascot.


Interesting idea. I could reuse it when I take a vacation. Oh I forgot, I've never had a vacation.

I can think of some other words ending in "cation" Kent hasn't had either.

I'm a bit concerned that there is a worker here that is identified as being somehow fatter than the rest of them.

These seem to be padlocked or jammed shut. Maybe one of them will open?

But that would be theft!!

Sure enough one of the lockers is labelled "locker", signifying that it is different from the others.

Books: "Elizabethan Costume" and "FireStarter".

Naturally, Kent pockets the books.

Into the toilet, which is notable as the only room around here not emblazoned with graffiti.

There's an air vent up here, but it's a bit high for poor little Kent.

I can't reach.

However, Kent is a resourceful young man!

Air Vent (0:21) - Kent hops onto the toilet seat and manages, just barely, to coordinate his writhing body enough to climb up the vent. Of course he doesn't use his hands or anything because he has the motor skills of a 3 year old.

Kent finds himself inside an air vent.

Crawling down one of the tunnels, he finds a gigantic leather belt. What the fuck is this doing up here? How did it even get here?! This is ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, another air vent opens up above a room, with a gigantic white arrow pointing into the room. Who the hell came in here, unloaded a belt and started graffiting the fucking air ducts?

Of course, the air duct is directly above the alarmed case, which has no lid, yet was placed directly beneath an air duct that has clearly been accessed at least once before. I think Tiddler wants his broken chair to be stolen.

In a scene that will dance in my nightmares for the rest of eternity, Kent doesn't use his javelin Sharkpoon or anything to to get the chair. Instead he literally stretches his arm out to pick it up. Like it was made of fucking pizza dough or something.

Seriously, look at that shit.

There's a white arrow back here above the toilet as well. Just in case you didn't know how to get out of here.

I take back what I said before about this room not having graffiti in it. Sigh.

Kent decides to head into the testing area!

There are various rooms here with different styles and fashions. All of them, of course, are completely empty and devoid of any real interaction.

Wait a minute! All the furniture in this place is just painted on the walls!

He's a sharp one, isn't he folks?

Through the back of the test area is the waste disposal room...

...complete with conveyer belts linked to buzzsaws...

...and this brightly-attired Norm. Oh sorry, not Norm, "Waste Engineer".

It's a fire extinguisher, I think. It has "For Norm Troopers Use Only" written on the side! Weird!

Kent attempts to steal the extinguisher, but is quickly put in his place by the one person in this entire factory doing their damn job.

Hey, get away from there, Fat Boy! No one but Waste Engineers are allowed to use that!

Now, we saw in the air vent video that Kent is not wearing his "I AM FAT!" shirt anymore, so presumably the Norm guy just calls everyone "Fat Boy" unless they're also a Norm.

Or perhaps this just adds credence to my theory that bullying Kent is practical joke being carried out by all Norms the city wide.

I mean, just look at him, he can barely keep from laughing at Kent!

Excuse me, Mr. Waste Engineer, Sir?

Kent really wants to ride the conveyer belt, because it'll take him to the dumpster where the rebel group resides. Of course this is not conveyed to the player, who probably has no idea what we're even doing here by this point.

Phew! These grinders sure look big. Why do you have to grind everything up?
Some very sensitive equipment is produced in this factory, boy. We do not wish the outside world to get a hold of that technology. It's all safely contained in those dumpsters you may have seen outside.
So you grind it all up?
So we do, as you say, grind it all up.

"And then we announce the nature of the sensitive technology to rookie workers, completely undoing all our hard work of keeping our secrets safe!"

Kent, of course, is a moron and decides to completely expose himself.

Would that be those gizmos hidden in the furniture?
May I ask how you came by that knowledge, citizen? That is highly sensitive information. We are here to STOP the people of this city from discovering that!

Oh. Well, I guess you failed at your job then. Don't worry, that's par for the course around these parts.

Kent continues to push his luck.

How, totally hypothetically of course... how would I get into one of those dumpsters?
Well, hypothetically, I could put you through the grinders, which I will not because you are not allowed to touch them. But that is the only way... through them vicious blades and up the conveyer belt in bits.

I'm okay with this plan. Kent, however, is not.

Why would I have to go through in pieces? Is there no way of turning these machines off?
Of course there is, fat boy, but not while I'm here.
Well, when do you leave your post?

Smooth, Kent.

I only leave to collect the debris, in order that the secret of the, er... equipment doesn't leak out.
So you go out whenever there is some broken furniture lying around here?
Say, you're a fast learner, boy! You'll go a long way here provided you don't keep mentioning the syp..., the, er... equipment!

Did I indicate earlier this guy was competent? If so, I take it all back.

I'll go back and test some furniture then.
Yeah, you do that.

So we're going to need to be rid of this dude before we can force Kent to slice himself to pieces on the conveyer belt. We already have some debris that we stole from Tiddler's office, but we'll need to find the right place to stash it in order to be rid of this dude.

Looks like a view to the tops of the dumpsters outside. Probably to make sure they don't get blocked or too full.

That would be a decent idea if anyone was actually bothering to watching the monitor.

I think this turns off those grinders.

We can't use it, though. Not because the Waste Engineer dude is there, mind you, but because Kent is literally unable to reach around the pole and flick the switch, whinging that he can't reach it. This after he stretched his arms out like fucking Dhalsim in order to steal that chair before.

Going past the waste disposal room, we come to a changing room, conveniently located as far away as possible from the locker room, for maximum worker discomfort.

Then there is this private room with entry disallowed, filled with sensitive secrets. Naturally it has a gigantic glass window on the door, allowing anyone to see inside, and is left unlocked with no guards and no occupants. I know I keep giving Kent shit but he is honestly the most competent person in this entire city.

Okay, let's go with least incompetent.

Yup, a bunch of those whirring gizmos are sitting there in full view of changing room #3. Not so secretive after all.

Here lie the specifications of the gizmos. They're right there for the taking. Kent could just pick them up right now. But he doesn't. Remember this for later.

I'd better not. They look VERY important!

No shit, Kent! Fucking take them, you dipshit!! Gahhh!

I wouldn't describe this as paradise. Come to think of it, I've no idea what paradise is!

That's because as soon as you get there it's not paradise anymore, Kent.

It looks like some tester has successfully destroyed a piece of furniture.

This place only has three working security cameras, and one of them is focused in on two trash cans? I guess it doesn't matter though, since there isn't any staff here monitoring them anyway!

It looks like some tester has successfully destroyed a piece of furniture. Bravo! Bravo!

I thought everyone was supposed to be on strike.

It's locked. Why are all the interesting places locked?

I just included this screenshot because it gives me a good lead-in to point out that the last two room have been completely pointless. There is literally nothing you can do in either of them, for the entire course of the game. Thanks for the filler areas, Gremlin!!

Okay, let's get on with actually progressing the story. You can't just dump the broken chair anywhere, but you can dump it on this bed. If you do, the waste engineer dude comes and scoops it up, and somehow manages to put it back inside the alarmed case and return to his post before you can get there. Then you have to go back into the air vent and get it again. Rather than doing that, let's turn this sucker on first.

The current receiver is plugged into the bed, and Kent plugs the current sender into his stolen battery...

I guess the current sender has to be in close proximity to work. Notice the typo here. I've been correcting them as they've arisen rather than just leaving them in. There's a whole bunch of them. I guess people didn't proofread their games as well back in the mid 90s.

The bed is glowing purple and humming, which means it's now on. Let's see how well this baby works!

Bed Debris (0:24) - Kent places the debris on the magical sleeping bed, and the waste engineer comes along to clean it up. He immediately falls asleep, and presumably remains asleep until he dies of starvation. Kent certainly doesn't bother to wake him for the rest of the game. Hooray for murder!

Back in the waste disposal room, Kent looks at this control box.

This might control those grinders.

Wait, didn't you say before the other switch controlled the grinders? I think Kent is just blindly guessing at this point.

Cool! Those lethal saw blades have stopped now!

Before we hop on, however, let's deal with this fire extinguisher. There's a manual nearby...

Oh sorry, not fire extinguisher, "riot control device", hahaha.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that's not what the manual said to do, but let's go with that.

Unfortunately KEnt is not able to push all the buttons at once, despite his best attempt at nuzzling the fire extinguisher. Riot control device. Whatever.

The obvious (???) solution is to use this gigantic belt to hold in all the lower buttons, so Kent can simply push the remaining button to turn on the fire extinguisher. Oh, we're doing this because Kent is too much of a wimp to actually carry the fire extinguisher so we need to empty it first. Because, you know, an empty fire extinguisher has a whole heap of uses.

Placing the belt around the fire extinguisher, Kent is all set to go!

Fire Extinguisher (0:35) - Kent turns on the fire extinguisher, without even thinking about where all the foam or chemicals or whatever is going to go, completely wrecking the room. Thinking to make a quick getaway, he scoots up the conveyer belts and is deposited into the dumpster.

Personally I think dumping Kent into a bin would be a pretty fitting end for this game. But, in fact, it is just the beginning! What will Kent find in the dumpster? Tune in tomorrow to find out!