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Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

by Metroixer

Part 3: Abe and Munch, together at last!

04: Abe and Munch, together at last!
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Oddworld Artbook posted:

Descendants from swamps and ancestors of slug-like creatures, sligs are gunned up slugs in mechanical pants, with itchy trigger-fingers and room temperature IQs. Leased out at birth as corporate security personnel, sligs are given mechanical pants or wings, batons, tear gas, various types of weaponry, but are never taught to use any of them all that effectively. Small, nasally, with loose tentacles hanging off their faces, Sligs are so ugly they are forces to wear masks, otherwise, upper management would simply refuse to work with them. Originally called Order Guards, the word slig is derived from pigs and slugs.

Sligs are some of my favorite characters in a video game, they have some sweet ass designs and have a really interesting backstory and character to them. At one point there was going to be a game called "Sligstorm" where you would actually take control of a mutant slig looking for an escape, indicating the fact that not all sligs are bad. Unfortunately the idea never went through, and sligs may forever be seen as just jerks. Poor dudes.