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Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

by Metroixer

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Original Thread: Vicious furballs? A daily thing in Let's Play Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee


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What is Oddworld Munch's Oddysee?

OW:MO was released as a launch title for the xbox console in 2001. It is the third in a series of games known as Oddworld, and follows a 5-game "Quintology". Which was supposed to tell an epic story of how the natives have overthrown the industrialists in Oddworld.

How is the game?

The game suffers from some gameplay faults. As an early xbox platformer it has wonky handling (jumping can be a real pain) as well as strange controls (camera movement with the D-Pad). The environments can get kinda bland and repetitive and some mission objectives can be boring to unforgiving. It also suffers through being a sequel of the EXCELLENT Oddworld Abe's Oddysee and exodus games, the first two in the series. Compared to those two, MO is very mediocre as it contains somewhat cartoony aspects (the first two games were as well, but there was far more black humor) and worst of all, a strict deadline that the developers (Oddworld Inhabitants) had to meet as an xbox launch title.

Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but halfway through development OWI had to scratch all of what they worked up to making a switch from the playstation 2 to the xbox, starting back at square one with barely any time and so much promise, it's no wonder this is the black sheep out of the 4 currently released oddworld games for most fans.

This game kind of sounds like it sucks

I find it fun, and hopefully I can have you find it fun through these videos, that's my goal after all.

How is the commentary going to be?

:sperge: I know far too much about this series than any man woman or child needs to know about. I'll try to keep calm and cool for the viewers pleasure, so I don't seem like a total loser! I suggest getting some tea or something to get yourself into that relaxed mood, as that is what we're aiming for.

How often can I expect videos?

I have an erratic updating schedule. Meaning I don't really have one.

Anything else besides gameplay videos?

So much was planned for this game. SO MUCH. Accompanying the updates I'm planning to have posts (such as the 2nd one) containing cut plans, characters, ideas, and locations. Make sure to keep taking a look at the 2nd post to make sure you don't miss anything of interest! We may also delve a bit into OWI history, and how the oddworld series got its start...

Table of Contents



Everyone's favorite oddworld hero. Abe is pathetic, he's scared of a lot of things. Let's face it, if it weren't for him getting caught taking a quick peep at what his former boss was planning he would have his head on a stick by now. Abe's been in 3 of the 4 oddworld games and despite the many times Oddworld Inhabitants has said otherwise, many fans view him as the main protagonist of the series. I guess his wimpiness makes him likable to most people. Despite the fact that Munch's Oddysee stars Abe as the sidekick, he still does most of the work in the game.


Munch is a gabbit, and the last of his kind. After trying to find his dead bros, he ends up getting caught in a bear trap and turns into some freak science experiment. That's why he has the yellow thing on his head, that shit isn't natural! Munch is introduced in this game, but despite being the title character doesn't really do much. He CAN swim, which is something Abe can't do, and he can command fuzzles. On land, he is nearly useless. There are handy wheelchairs located around the game that help him recover from his one-leg ailment, but it's a pretty buggy wheelchair. Besides that, munch can drink a soda brand that makes electricity come out of his head. Yeah.

The almighty raisin

Think about those old wise men you see in karate movies and shit. Now imagine them being all big, fat, and old. That's the almighty raisin. He's a tree that somehow managed the ability to talk because he's so fucking OLD. The pros of this are him knowing everything and being a cool shaman-like dude for the mudokons. The bad thing is... well he's old, so he ends up falling asleep before he is able to say anything important. The raisin has little spies spread out around oddworld called ratz. They are rats with big dopey eyes, buck teeth, and a head for a body. You only see them in CG movies. A lot of fans wonder where raisin came from and what the hell happened to big face, who was the master shaman that helped out Abe in the first two games. Who knows, the game was rushed, deal with it.

Irwin and Humphrey

These two guys are vykkers, a sadistic folk that want nothing but to advance science. They'll torture any little critter they can to get what they want, and they will LOVE it. Irwin and Humphrey are supposed to be the bosses of Vykker's Labs or something. It's never really explained WHO they are but they are apparently important characters. They are the ones who capture munch and give him his sonar after all. Also the oddworld artbook has a whole page talking about how important it is to see them making plans by a water cooler, which never happened, so I think they're most likely another unfinished product of rushed development.


This lazy piece of shit is Lulu. He's a glukkon. Glukkons are the sharp coated rich cigar smoking assholes you see in political cartoons from the 20s. All of them are greedy and want nothing but to gain profit. Lulu is somewhat of an exception. Lulu IS greedy and would really like money, but he lacks the motivation glukkons are known for to get the cash. Abe and Munch need to help get this loafer money so they can infiltrate vykker's labs to save a bunch of eggs or something.

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