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Part 7: Sperging

08: Sperging
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Oddworld Artbook posted:

PARAMITES are natural beasts who make their home in the Paramonian Temple. While they look harmless enough, Paramites are a feared enemy among the Oddworld caves and catacombs. These carnivorous creatures are pale in color due to lack of sunlight. Muscular forearms help them scurry on the ground and clim massive webs. their six-appendage, claw-like mouth is deadly.

And because we'll never see him again, here's some stuff on the almighty raisin!

Oddworld Artbook posted:

As best we know, the oldest living things on Earth are trees. On Oddworld, it is the same. Trees are imbued with the vulnerability of being motionless, but also the longevity to bare witness to immense spans of time. The Almighty Raisin lost its roots and branches long ago as it evolved into a more intellectual and spiritual being. Originally, the raisin was to have been captured by industrial forces and cast into a dump as garbage. Even in a filthy place of trash and waste, the Raisin would survive as a persecuted sage. Like Mandela in South Africa, its perseverance, in spite of imprisonment, would be an act of defiance and wisdom in and of itself.

The Almighty Raisin has been driven underground for its own protection from the destructive forces that scour the surface lands of their resources. The Raisin provides its wisdom through a haze of timeless meditation. Physically unaware of the seasons or even the passing of day to night, the Almighty Raisin knows only how to speak in riddles through its intocivating immortality.

Drawing inspiration fromm places such as the caves in Lascaux, France that are covered in ancient paintings, the Raisin's Lair is an environment where nature and culture are closely intertwined.

The Raisin itself represents the wisdom that is embedded in the cycles and structures of nature. Even in the deep dark caverns of Oddworld, the Raisin is surrounded by Life. Whether it is rats, bio luminescent fungus, the roots of trees, or weary travelers seeking wisdom,no matter where the Raisin hides, life will always be drawn to its pure and honest energy.

To add, the Raisin is an enigma to oddworld fans. Before the shaman from the 2D games (He gave abe his shrykull powers) was believed to be a sort of leading figurehead for the mudokons. The raisin comes out of nowhere in Munch, and his origins are barely explained in game. Hopefully if the rumors of a new oddworld game are true, the developers can explore the raisin's past and see how he became such a leader for the mudokons.

Some more raisin concept art

This is the dump mentioned in the above quote from the Oddworld Artbook.

FINALLY, something that truly proves I played this game too much. In the newspaper cutscene, THIS PICTURE:

Is practically a pallet change of THIS:

Except that the 3 glukkons at the front are smiling and some dudes were added to the back.