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Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

by Metroixer

Part 6: Slog hut the second

Okay so, viddler links updated, OP updated, still haven't done anything with the second post so I should work on that soon. I think I'm caught up otherwise!


I'm glad you're doing a perfect run, back when I played it (it seems so long ago now) I was terrible at saving them and got the bad ending, which terrified me into ever trying again for years.

It's strange, Munch's Oddysee is probably the most cartoony of the oddworld games, but fuck if the bad ending doesn't give young children nightmares. Luckily I didn't even see it until like 3 years after owning the game, and I did it on purpose I'll make sure to show it off either way when the time comes.

Oh and new video!

07: Slog hut the second!
viddler Youtube

Oddworld Artbook posted:

There's nothing more wholesome than a slig and his slog. Regular beatings by their slig masters ensure Slogs are pathologically temperamental. Whether chained to a stake or so on the prowl with their slig handlers, Slogs are ever alert for the smell of fear.

Gee how could they have screwed up such a sacred relationship in their 3d game? Have some more concept art shit.

There is a LOT of publicly available slog art surprisingly, you'd think sligs would have more. This isn't even all of it!

I would also like to ring out a thanks for the dudes watching, I'm not discouraged by the low thread activity or anything, as I understand there's probably not a lot to talk about. It's a nice break after the whole pokemon craziness I had with my last thread too. As long as there's people watching, I'm happy!