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Part 20: Labor Egg Storage

21: Labor Egg Storage

"Oddworld Artbook posted:

The Vykkers' knowledge of medicine and surgery stems from their extreme old age and the great lengths they go in order to keep their bodies functioning long after their expiration date. Vykkers' flesh is practically decaying right on their bones. Their skin has long lost all its pigment and as, for the most part, stretched thin and transparent. Liver spots and varicose veins cover the vykkers' tattered bodies, revealing their excessive years.

Vykkers are designed to be the ultimate creepy doctor. Their enormous heads and insect-like arms are an outgrowth of the archetypal gray aliens from classic abduction accounts. The vykkers appear to be old men, but their high nasal voices and effeminate gestures make them uncomfortably androgynous. They seem to be the lecherous doctor and the abusive nurse in one body.

Oddworld Artbook posted:

Beyond being merely invasive and unsanitary, the design of Vykkers' tools are inspired by aquatic creatures that live in the most hostile ocean habitats. From the bioluminescent hunters of the deep to armored hermit crabs that emerge from their shells in a flash to strike their prey, vykkers surgical design is overtly predatory.

Medical tools and equipment are inherently creepy and repulsive because of the gruesome tasks they are used for. Add a little carnival clown sense of humor and you've create any child's worst nightmare. The Vykkers medical robots are inspired by the sadistic thought of toys that turn against their owned. Their little cycloptic eye and unicycle wheel seem so innocent and unassuming... Until they come to hurt you.

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