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Part 15: Bankrupting Splinterz

16: Bankrupting splinterz

Oddworld artbook posted:

Glukkon executives occupy the top of the food chain - or at least they think they do. They give the orders and make the rules. Glukkons are arrogant, shrewd and mean. Their weakness is that they cannot imagine that a lowly slave could hurt them. Whether a General or Vice President, running the enormous Factory-Franchises of the Magog Cartel takes high-level management.

For those that don't know, the Magog Cartel is like the big bad glukkon organization of oddworld. It is also interesting to note that as the quote states, glukkons are NOT at the top of the industrial food chain, and there are far more powerful forces that haven't been revealed.

(Oddworld Stranger's wrath endgame spoilers)  Sekto is an octigi, and may be considered as one of these more powerful forces.