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Part 12: Bankrupting Magog Motors

hello dudes and odd dudettes

12: Bankrupting Magog Motors
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Oddworld Artbook posted:

This is truly the big brother of sligs - the one that signs up with special forces, eats his bowl of steroid cereal in the morning, pumps weights and cleans his weapons religiously. The Centaur-like lower body was designed to make him more menacing and emphasize his mass and lumbering movement.

I seriously think I can talk about big bros and sligs in general all day. Out of all the creatures in oddworld I really think they have it the worst, without getting too much into detail, they always end up doing shit they don't want to and end up being like those agressive abused guard dogs that you might see in movies. I'm hoping to have a nice bonus video up that will explain them more in-depth. Until then, a cool thing with the big-bro concept art is that you can actually see what the sligs look like without their mask!

They look a lot more pathetic huh? For some reason Glukkons can't stand looking at sligs with their masks off, thinking they look disgusting and grotesque without them.

Here's some other art!

My backlog is gone! Time to record some more game footage! (hopefully learning AVIsynth in the process if I ever get off my big fat lazy ass)