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Part 10: Scrabs and Breweries

Whoa nelly! Got a lot of content this update! Make sure to read the end of this post for an important poll!

10: Scrabs and breweries
Viddler Youtube

Oddworld Artbook posted:

Scrabs are sacred animals nearly hunted to extinction as Magog Cartel food products. These natural Beasts can be found from Scrabania to the vast wilderness regions of Mudos. Scrabs run free in deep valleys and protect the Scrabanian Temple. the crab-like claw/legs of these graceful creatures balance their massive jaws. The beak-like mouth is so powerful, they can snap bones in half with no problem. The Scrabs red-orange skin tones are reflective of the desert climate and also show off their massive size. Territorial by nature, Scrabs will fight to the death.

So you may notice I'm not really as anal about scrabs in this game as I am with paramites. Mainly because the "Scrab Retreat" sign in the beginning of the level implies that they were herded up by industrialists in that one area, most likely to be herded up and ground when the brewery would be established.

Before Munch's Oddysee came out there was a significant amount of early scrab footage. Well, only two videos but still!

A pack of scrabs running through a plain

A lone scrab wandering around the wilderness

The oddworld artbook also has an interesting screenshot where mudokons are actually capturing a scrab. Were scrab's meant to be used as steed's in some oddworld game? Who knows! I can't find the screenshot on the internet sadly.

I also mentioned the searex, an aquatic animal that was meant to be an enemy for munch when he was swimming. Given the way munch swims in the final game, I can imagine it was tough to figure out how to make the searex a formidable enemy, so OWI just didn't bother and cut him out completely.

Early searex footage

Finally, it's time for a poll! As you may have noticed, I've been updating the LP on a one level per vid basis. This gives you guys around 15 minutes per video give or take. Now, after the next vid, I'm gonna have to start doing some recording again as it's the last recorded raw video I have on my PC. Would you guys prefer if I sped up the updates, to maybe 2 levels per update, or do you find the pacing fine as is? Please post your vote in the thread, otherwise I won't tally it!