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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 24

Scene 12: The Wizard

The maps are starting to get real big. The Balmorian Ruins were once the great capitol of a nation, much like Zenobia, until the Empire crashed the party and didn't even offer to clean up after itself. The people sit around all day worshipping some dude named Saradin, and sculpting a bunch of statues of him. Read on:

These teachings go on and on, but I thought they might be of interest, so rather than post a billion screenshots, I decided to just type them out.

Saradin posted:

People are to be respected regardless of position or class. This should always be remembered.

All people also have a responsibility to put into action their abilities and talents.

Okay, maybe not on and on, but with the 3-line text box limit, it would still have been far too many screens, and we've got quite a few screens in this update as it is.

We're movin' on up to the east side!

And on and on. I swear, everyone in this region is obsessed with this Saradin guy. He's like the Zenobian Jesus or something.

So apparently the hero Saradin was killed by the wizard Albeleo. Who is Albeleo? We couldn't find much information on him, since everyone was so busy jizzing themselves over Saradin.

Botox. Lots and lots of Botox.

Any treasure must be paid to Laharl as tribute. Hand it over, bub.

Bogy's piss-poor Wolverine impression does not sway them to bend their policy, and they assert that Laharl must come to pick up his package in person.

The enemy units form a caravan to be eaten alive one unit at a time by Needham's undead.

This stage is pretty easy, as far as figuring out what to do. Have a unit where Norn is, have a unit where Mort and Rivera are, have a water unit where Lemon is, and have another water or flying unit where Olfa is. The rest are just there for the Exp. Everyone got to fight for a little bit on this map, which is nice. It means everyone is caught up, if not slightly ahead of their game.

The Kraken has lightning fast tentacles to meet the consistently rising tentacle rape quota.

This last enemy unit took forever to beat. They kept running back to their base every other fight, and I couldn't get into a position to intercept them.

Finally, Laharl goes to pick up his fat loot.

Gee I wonder what I should do with this?