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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 34

Stage 16, Continued

Having "joined" Prince Tristan in his fight to reclaim the throne, Laharl and co. still have a lot of fighting to do in Malano. Here are a few highlights:

Margo's unit stares down the enemy before smiting them.

Yeouch! Princess Jenny's Starlite does some major damage to these low-Ali units!

Straw brings a little "spark" into the lives of these folks.

We all know what this means…

More death by Lich (Warren).

Some more damn good luck for our heroes.

The nice man gives us some more Termites, in case we didn't happen to have any on us.

Finally, it's time to crash that wedding. Get ready for a dramabomb!

Their relationship was nothing but crushing pain.

Next, Tristan gets his turn.

Of course, Tristan's unit doesn't even match up to his own fancy way of speaking, let alone the Baron's attacks. They couldn't even upgrade!

The Baron is defeated, Tristan's thirst for vengeance is quenched for now, and Rauny is suddenly single. Laharl, Lans, and Mort go out to collect gifts and speak to the newly freed people of Malano.

Another book! We can trade with that one dude for another Undead Ring! That would be our fourth one. You know what would be awesome? Four Liches. Oh, yes, I know you're all creaming your pants.

And now, the part where you kids get to play again: That guy who wants you to get revenge for him!

So shall we help another dottering fool? You decide, you're the master!

Coming up: New Army List with more promotions! Get ready to think about possible rearrangements, too. Also, lots of New Equipment!