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Part 44: Forbidden Memory: Conspiracy


The venerable Pygarian is towering above Fyobor, severe-looking, as always.

"He spoke to me again," Lokrin says.

For generations, Voden has been whispering to the chosen few, those who would understand. And for generations, they had been hiding in the shadows, placing their pieces on the board, pulling strings, one little step at a time. Lately, Voden's voice has grown closer, stronger, more urgent. The time for the great change has come - all their hard work would finally be rewarded.

"How fares our Godless-Priestess?" The patriarch asks.

"She will be ready soon. You can imagine her outrage, when she learned about the number Indrik did on her brother. Heh, even I feel sorry for the poor bastard."

"Tell your Rodentian friends to hurry. The last thing we want is for Indrik to remember the Firebird ritual. Strengthening Kladen would make the seal-breaking near impossible - even for the Priestess."

"Indrik is *your* problem, Lokrin. You are the one who molded him, remember? Or are you worried he would suddenly grow a conscience?"

"A conscience? No. But he may take it upon himself to do his *duty*."

"The ritual would shorten his remaining lifetime. He wouldn't... he would?"

"Fyobor, we need to plan for the possibility."

"As long as he does not put his hands on the sword, he is harmless. Sigh. I'll figure out something. Put me in contact with our people in the Imperial Guard."

Lokrin nods. "We meet again when the Priestess commits." With a flap of his wings, the patrician departs. The Priestess, Fyobor muses. All this planning, and it hinges on the one mistake the Priestess needs to make.