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Part 56: Memory of Indrik: Trust


Indrik and his old advisor, Lokrin, are staring at a large map of Urralia. A crackling fireplace and several candles light the Emperor's private chamber. The hour is late.

"Emperor! This is the perfect opportunity to test Iontrek's Fury..."

"I disagree with Lokrin, sire!" interrupts General Ellia as she barges into the room, her second, the feline, in tow.

"The Rodentians barely survived a monumental disaster," Ellia continues. "Introducing Pygarian weapons will send the wrong message."

The patrician sneers at Ellia. "Pygaria's strength cannot be compromised."

"Lokrin. We do not need a war. Our main focus is to gain the Rodentians' trust."

"Trust, yes. The Godless-Priestess can be of use," Lokrin suggests.

"Why bring Vera into this?" the feline asks.

Lokrin snaps. "Who gave you permission to speak?"

Ellia intercedes. "Draga has a point. We do not need the Priestess."

Lokrin grits his teeth. "A strong symbol is what this nation needs most."

"What this nation needs most is my leadership, Lokrin."

The lithe patrician bows low and utters, "Of course, Emperor."

Indrik turns to Ellia. "General. Start gathering goods and materials. We will move them into Rodentia and distribute them immediately. And... please teach your second proper etiquette."

General Ellia and the feline salute and hurriedly leave the room. The patrician remains, meditative.

"Is it wise to empower the General?"

"Lokrin, old friend. You have wisdom, but you lack vision. How can the Rodentians believe in our sincerity if our army does not? Besides, I leave to you the most important task."

"Anything, sire."

"You know what to do. The Rodentian youth are the key. And make sure our proxies are discreet. With luck, there will be a gentle revolution."

"If not?"

Indrik sighs. "War."