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Oregon Trail

by Vanilla Ice

Part 1: Page 1

I'm sure that many of you remember playing Oregon Trail way back in elementary school and how much ass it kicked. Well know lets relive those memories and play it together today.

This is the Oregon Trail from 1985. Together we will travel the trail from California to Oregon.

I chose one to get our journy going.

For our first task lets choose our occupation! Hint the only difference is in money. The first person to respond gets to choose the profession. After that go ahead and pick 5 names. One for our hero and his four traveling companions. GO.

Ok we are officially a banker from Boston so we get a shitton of money.

Here are our traveling companions.

Oh no decisions decisions. In what month shall we depart?

We leave in the month of April.

Now It's time for us to buy some supplies for our journy. As a Bostonian Banker we have a shitton of money

This is Matt. He is a shit shopkeeper that keeps trying to give me advice.

How many oxen shall we buy?

Five yolk of oxen have been purchased.

How many pounds of food should we buy (note: maximum is 2000)?

A bit of indecision about the food, but the first numerical response of 1000 lbs has been chosen. Don't worry we can always hunt for more later.

The most important part of our journy is being fashionable. How many sets of clothing shall we buy?

Fifteen sets of clothing have been bought (3 for each).

Now we need bullets to kill off any indeginous peoples trying to steal our land and also for hunting. How many boxes good sirs?

The maximum number of boxes (99) has been bought on Alexandrs advice.

The maximum for these is three. Just go ahead and chose all of them now.

Finally our equipment is completely set up.

Here is a picture of our current supplies.

Here is a map of our journy to Oregon!

Now, chose a pace of travel.

And while we're at it why not include our eating habits.