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by Vanilla Ice

Part 2: Page 2

Because I don't want everyone to die instantly I have chosen to follow Alexandr's advice.

Now we off to our first destination! Kansas River here we come!

I knew we shouldn't have brought anyone named Bobby Joe along

On the seventh day of our journy we make it to the fabulous Kansas River crossing.

Shall we do anything before attempting to cross the river?

We have decided to continue on our journy and furthermore to ford the damn river.

Let's hope we have some success!

Oh no, you fuckers give terrible advice.

Luckily the damage wasn't too significant and hey no deaths!

Now we are on our way to the Big Blue River crossing.


Somehow Bobby Joe makes it in one piece and we are at another fucking river.

Shall we move on ahead or make some changes first?

We decide to ford the river. Here are the conditions

We actually made it across with minimal damage horay!

We continue on our journey to Fort Kearny

Oh no! We found a gravesite of one of our former companions.

I have no idea.

Twenty days into our journy we reach Fort Kearny. Shall I make adjustments or continue on?