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Part 12: Episode 12: I Hate Sand

So, last time, our dick boss gave us a new assignment and took away our machinegun and grenade launcher. That dick. So, let's get ready to head out.

First off, this Recovery3 is back, so grab that.

Secondly, you can actually take a look in the trunk of Aya's car, where she keeps an Item Box. Item Boxes let you store excess crap, but they aren't magically connected like Resident Evil item boxes. So, you need to remember where you put what. Not that big a deal, but worth keeping in mind.

Our Item Box is handily pre-filled with various goodies, including 2(!) Protein Capsules and a few new items as well.

We get two of these Ringer's Solutions, which are basically just Elixirs from Final Fantasy. Full heal, full MP, an ideal healing item for when shit goes terribly, terribly wrong. If possible, try to hold on to these for bosses.

Finally, we get a free Belt Pouch. These are one use items that increase the number of items you can attach to a given piece of armor. They are rare enough that you need to be careful how you use them, since you don't want to waste them all on some shitty armor you're gonna toss later on anyway. All the same, you can find enough in the game that you don't have to hoard them all for one piece of endgame armor, so don't freak out too much about using one.

Since Baldwin took our fun guns, we'd better stop in at Jodie's to get some firepower.

We have quite a few BPs saved up from our Akropolis rampage, and there's one specific thing I need to grab before we leave.


Yes, this will do nicely.

The M4A1 is arguably the most versatile weapon in the game, with the only real drawback being that the only reliable way to get more rifle ammo is to buy it. But, assuming you aren't a total wuss and clear out all those Hot Zones, BP isn't exactly hard to come by, and rifle ammo isn't that expensive anyway.

: Don't want to dry up and become some NMC's beef jerky!

Yeah, whatever, Jodie. Let's go call the boss-man and let him know we're ready to go!

I always thought this was funny. Aya just pissin' off her boss for kicks. What's he gonna do? Fire her? She can shoot fireballs with her MIND, man!

So here's how we stand right now:

And by the way, here's Aya's default armor for this mission. Protection from Poison is nice, but it's not that great otherwise.

: I have to get ready first.

We have to talk to Pierce in order to move on, but let's make sure we're not forgetting anything first.

Don't agree with me, Pierce. It sickens me.

Well, the only thing left to do here is the shooting range...

Eh, fuck it.

: Right-o! I'll open the gate, and off ya go!

Get your motor running

Aya's car revs to life.

And we're off to another adventure!

Head out on the highway

Yeah, so Aya just drove from LA to the middle of the fucking Mojave. I hope MIST reimburses her for gas.

Well, this place looks nice.

Welcome to Dryfield, a humble little town known for absolutely nothing and home to jack shit. Get used to it, because we're gonna be here a while.

Aya gets out of her car and takes a brief look around.

I think I saw this place in a Rob Zombie movie.

: ...if there are any, that is.

Dryfield Theme 1 - Ghost Town

So, here we are. Honestly, I really like Dryfield. It's a really creepy location for a survival horror game, despite being well-lit, largely outdoors, and covered in sand instead of ominous mist. If you've ever been on a road trip in the American south-west, you've probably driven past half a dozen towns just like Dryfield. It kinda feels like a real place, unlike the Spencer Estate or that other mansion like a mile away from the Spencer Estate that no one ever knew about or mentioned.

Oh, hey, what's that little box by the car, there?

Oh, Aya thought to bring along one of those magic infinite pistol ammo boxes! Neat!

We can also still access the junk in Aya's trunk, too.

See? All there! Now, let's nose around a little.

: ...No time to fill up now. I've got a job to do.

I always imagine Aya's tone getting more and more annoyed if you examine things repeatedly. Fun times.

Let's move on!

And poke through the trash!

Sadly, looking through the shop window isn't very fruitful.


: Staring... at me...

Uh, it's not your reflection, is it, Aya?

Guess not!

: I must be seeing things. It's dark inside the store.

Let's try the door and see if we can't track down our mystery peeper.

Of course it is.

Well, we may as well check in and let HQ know we got here safely.

: Hmm... 75 cents. Wonder if it works?

Yup, it works.

: Gather what information you can. Also, unless it's an emergency...

I just wanted to point this out so we can see how long it takes Aya to completely disregard this order.

Thanks for the chat, boss!

Since going through these earlier areas for the umpteenth time was getting kinda boring, I decided to stick with the Club to make combat interesting. So that's why Aya's not toting a big fuck-off assault rifle just yet.

Well, let's head into Dryfield proper!

doot dee doo, just walkin' an' chillin'

uh what

Is that a horse?