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Part 57: Episode 56: The End of The End Part 1

EDIT 3: Everything is in order now, I am still dumb

Deceitful Penguin posted:

Another point about Harlequins: they're idiots but strong. So I guess that he was insulting her intelligence as well as fashion-sense.

That cad! I'm glad he got eaten by a monster butt!

Last time, we discovered our antagonists' goals were dumb as hell, and Kyle was some sort of triple agent or something. But then a space laser fucked everything up, so we need to go downstairs to save Eve and kill the mandatory giant monster infant.

So, now that the door is all busted up, we can go in and


Just had to throw one more Bishop at us, didn't ya, game? Ya big jerk.

Anyway, let's go wrap this case up.

Oh shit, we're in Norfair

Eve's bizarre onesie got caught on something, so now she's suspended above a hell of a drop.

Maybe we can get a ladder or something?



Final Boss Fightin' Music

Everyone, I'd like you to meet the Ultimate ANMC. That name is a bit of a mouthful (and I'm a giant nerd), so I usually just call him "Kraid".

Remember how waaaaay back in our first boss battle at Akropolis I mentioned this game had a fondness for fights in narrow corridors? Well, this is no different. We can move around the entire outskirts of the room, but we still only have a narrow catwalk to so on. Kriad has a fairly slow turning radius, so avoiding his attacks generally consists of running to the left or the right.

This attack, where he tries to slap you with his freaky baby hands, is easily evade by just outrunning the swipe.

That's not to say Kraid doesn't have some tricks up his sleeves. For example, he can spray poisonous gas from his shoulder-holes. Quickly casting Metabolism can be an effective damage control, but it's easier to just stay away from his sides if his upper arms start wobbling.

Each part of Kraid has its own attacks, and each can be killed before slaying the beast himself. Every piece you blast off nets you extra BP & EXP, which admittedly doesn't seem that useful this late in the game, but both of those factor into your End Game Ranking and thus your unlockable rewards.

If you're in front of him and at roughly eye level, Kraid can shoot pink lasers at you from his face. The beam splits in two can slowly arcs out in either direction, so you generally just have to be way the fuck outta the way to avoid it.

If you're in front of him but on a low level, he'll spray paralyzing goo out of his front butt.

...You heard me.

By the way, he's not limited to just one attack at a time. Honestly, compared to Final Eve or U.B. from the previous game, the poor bastard's already enough of a cake walk, they might as well let him spam whatever he wants.

Speaking of Eve, let's handle this Melissa Pierce style, shall we?


Here, poor Kraid's right arm is melting off as I plug another grenade into his left one. That MM1 super grenade launcher, by the way? It is faaaaaantastic.

After sustaining enough damage to his extremities, our big new friend undergoes a slight change.

His chest tears open to reveal a heat ray.

A heat ray that will fuck your shit right up. At this point, Kraid begins to turn slightly faster, and he will fire his death beam for several seconds, trying to catch you in it as he moves along. A hit from this attack can easily to over 100 HP worth of damage to Aya, which is crazy. It's fairly easy to outrun, but sometimes you may have to bait the boss into starting to turn one way, and then take off in the other direction.

Oh, and he's got tails, too. It's easy to forget these targets, since you have to get behind the boss to attack or be attacked by them, and you don't have to kill them to finish the fight. They can try to drop more paralysis goo down on you, or even take a swipe at you once they've taken enough damage.

Like so. You can blast the tails clean off, but they grow back as long as the lower body is still alive, and I'm pretty sure you only get EXP/BP for the time you take them out.

I generally prioitize take off his arms, simply because they're easy targets with relatively low health. Plus, fuck poison.

The head is the next easiest bit to take out, but it does have a bit of a trick.

Simply removing the head isn't quite enough.

The neck stump has its own attack, and requires a few more hits to permanently kill. It has a shiny yellow flash attack, that does a little damage and Blinds you. It can only hit you if you're on the higher portions of the catwalk, but it's still annoying.

After taking enough damage, the tails can split and try to snap you up in the middle like a mouth. Still easy enough to ignore them.

The larger AOE spells are a huge help in taking out all of Kraid's bits. Inferno is just generally fun to use, Lifesteal is amazing because it can give you back something like 6 times more health than you can possibly have, even Max Level Combustion can hit everything you need to hit. There's no time limit, so you can run around and shoot everything the old fashioned way but...why would you?

So, if you can blast off all his parts and Kraid still lives, how do you kill him? Simple: you just shoot him in his giant glowing weak spot.

The downside is that his weak point fires a giant death beam than can turn you to ash in one or two hits. And his chest closes up when he's not charging or firing the beam. So this is a little trickier than you might think.

Taking a potshot as the beam charges up is usually a bad idea. It takes Kraid a few seconds after firing to close back up, so if you're quick, you can get two, MAYBE three, hits in before you have to bait him into firing again.

Since you have to be basically within the radius of the beam to hit the core (I am failing to do so here), this can be pretty tense to play. But, ultimately, you are basically just doing the same thing over and over. If you know what you're doing, our friend Kraid here is actually really, really boring.

Oh well, still more fun than PE1's Chrysler Building shenanigans.

RIP Kraid. Thanks for killing No.9 for me!

: What they say is true...

: ...death does wear blue...

: BOO!


: Haha, no, I'm just foolin'. I'm dead blargh

Sweet merciful crap, lookit that reward!

I'm not 100% sure which of these goodies are from having the Medicine Wheel equipped, but I want to say you at least get the Ringer's Solution either way.

So, we've killed the boss and finished the game. But I guess babby Eve is still dangling over mortal danger, so we should probably go save her or whatever.

This control panel lights up after the fight, so we don't have to go too far.

One last use of Bowman's ID, and we can blow this joint.

We can use this handy new maintenance bridge to try to reach Eve.

: Okay, Eve, now just hold very still and...



we are not very good at saving people

So after being pulled into a pool of...mitochondria, I guess, Eve emerges, transformed into a monstrous being of vast power.

Mitochondrial Eve

Naturally, we gon' fight

Mitochondrial Eve is, oddly enough, a complete joke. The Pupa, Kraid, could at least melt your face off with his death beam, which was kinda tricky to avoid. I have never died at Eve's hands, and I'm fucking terrible at this game.

She likes to start the fight with a quick swipe from her wings, which can inflict paralysis. Metabolism can clear that right up, and more often than not, Eve will forget she can do that for the remainder of the battle.

Eve flies around a lot, and grenades have travel time, so if you come packing the MM1, wait for her to hover in place before firing, or you won't hit anything.

Eve's favorite attack is to Psycho Crusher across the air, and then disappear into a hole in space-time. She'll then burst out of another dimensional hole and try to hit you a second time. Luckily, the weird ripples that appear in the air are a pretty big heads-up, and she's not a very good shot to begin with.

After two spinny attacks, Eve will teleport back to the center of the bridge. This is one of your best shots to get a lot of free hits in, but don't get too close. If she hits you when she appears, you'll take damage, and she likes to slam the ground if you run up to her, as well.

But don't be too far away, either. The AS12 does more damage up close, and the MM1's grenade arcs can fall beneath the bridge. And why would you use any other two weapons?

This is Eve's most dangerous attack. The air will start to shimmer and your MP will suddenly start to fill itself up. When this happens, HIT HER WITH EVERYTHING. Unless you dish out at least 200 points of damage, she will finish her charge and blast you with her strongest attack.

A faceful of super mitochondria energy will hit you for roughly 60~70 damage, inflict Silence, and drain ALL your MP. Luckily, she very rarely uses this, but it's the only thing in her arsenal that can be a real threat.

She can spray pixie dust in your face and inflict you with Berserk, but this only means you can do more damage to her faster, so I don't know why she bothers.

Eve has a few other attacks. For example, she can make weak clones of herself that just float around and slap you. Killing a Copy Eve gives you BP and EXP, so in theory you could grind them for a higher End Game Rank. She can also fire little homing fireballs that can inflict paralysis.

But sometimes, she just won't. This is why Mitochondrial Eve is such an easy final boss, but I could never figure out why she sometimes avoids half of her abilities. Maybe it's because Eve, the current Eve, is still in there, fighting her own battle. She doesn't really want to hurt Aya, so she does everything she can to avoid it. She even hits you with Berserk to make you stronger, because she wants Aya to win, she wants Aya to live

Or it's just a quirk in the programming, I dunno.

By the way, crits can be hilarious.

And so the fight ends where it started.

Eve uses the last of her strength to grab Aya in her arms.

And she flies.

She flies up towards the broken ceiling, up towards freedom.

But it's not enough. She begins to fall, fall back to her prison, to her grave.

She begins to break apart.