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Part 20: Day 7: Convolution

Day 7: Convolution

We are back! Last time on Parasite Eve, the game ended and I was able to make a save after the credits. Also, ignore the mute message in the corner of some screens. While the soundtrack is nice, it can get annoying listening to the same song forever.


The EX Game lets you start with most of your old gear, like I mentioned before. It also opens up this nifty little place.

Shiny. Let's take the elevator.

Aw, nuts.

Now comes one of the worst extra dungeons this side of Star Ocean. The Chrysler building is 77 floors high. You can take the elevator down on any floor, but you need a key for every 10 floors you want to go up. Additionally, almost every single floor is randomly generated from a handful of stock maps. So this is what I had to look at for several hours on end:

There are some good incentives to go through each floor, though. Every floor has an item room, as seen here.

There is also an elevator, which can usually be found next to the item room.

And the stairs up. It is such a sweet joyful sight to behold after running around a huge, dead end-filled maze.

Item rooms have all kinds of nifty stuff. Here, we see some rare trading cards.

Taking those to Wayne gives you two slots for the price of one. You can also look at the cards in his rare t-card collection. By "look at" I mean "see the names of".

The item room has more than just cards, though! There's dispoable gear, tools, stat+ items, tool kits which give you infinite use of a given tool

And some really powerful equipment.

But mostly these chest monster thingies. They suck.

Every tenth floor, you get a recolor boss. Grandma Brain Spider is the first.

And each boss gives you a key, letting you take the elevator back up to the floors you've just visited.

20th floor. More fucking alligators.

30th floor. Centipede.

And the bastard still splits after you beat on it enough.

40th. Don't ask me how they got a triceratops in here.

Parrots! I missed this at the beginning, but Carnegie Hall had mutant parrots in addition to rats. Only not blue, like these guys.

The monsters gradually get worse...

Like these fearsome squirrels. They usually carry revives or medicine 4s, but run away if you don't kill 'em fast enough.

50th. Cockroach. NYC alone must have, what? A billion roaches? Imagine if Eve did this to all of them instead of just making one a boss.

This thing even lays eggs that grow into smaller roaches just to be annoying.

60th floor, another crab battle.


70th floor! Queen bee. Bitch flies around throwing stuff, while tiny and less tiny worker bees hit and confuse you. By now I wanted to let her win and succumb to death's sweet embrace.

No time for suicidal thoughts now! We're almost at the top!

The fleshy goo gets thicker and thicker as Aya ascends further.

We must be close.

After all that running, all that killing, all those horrible giant mutated insects, we at last find...

A little girl. God fucking damn it all.


It's alllll text from here. There is only one way to make that a little easier to swallow: Talking heads.

ORIGINAL? EVE? What do you mean?!

The mitochondria of Melissa was transplanted from this young body. Hans Klamp gave my cornea to you, and after giving the kidney to Melissa... he continued to culture my liver cells in order to study the original... me... As Melissa's body was giving birth to the Ultimate Being, I made my nest here... Just in case Melissa or the Ultimate Being failed... at least the purebred would survive.

Then you're body's...

This body belongs to your sister... it's been cultured from the real thing.

NO! That's not TRUE!

Haha... Wanna chat with your sister?


Who... Who are you?

..... Maya, it's me... do you...

How do you know my name? Where's mom and dad? Where's Aya...?

Are... you really Maya?

I... I was in the car with mom and... and then my body got really hot... Wh, where am i?! I HAVE to go HOME!! I HAVE TO! Aya's waiting for me...

I'm HERE, Maya!

It's...! It's getting HOT again!!



Maya!! Answer me!!

Hmph... Sorry to break up the reunion.


Did you have a nice time reminiscing?


Hmph... You challenging me? A purebred? Just remember... The body belongs to your sister...

She's using Liberate! No fair!

True Eve teleports around, and punches Aya with her own moves.


Eve also summons little flying girls to paralyze Aya and heal herself.

And then there's the doom charge. It's a good thing I had about a dozen revives in stock at this point.



"I have awakened"

What? What's this voice...? It's coming from within my body!

"The time has finally arrived."

No... you CAN'T BE!!


...E... EVE?!

Until a while ago, Maya's body had the most evolutionary form of mitochondria. But now... Your mitochondria has surpassed Maya's... I am now the highest form of mitochondria ever present!

They're competing...?!

That's what evolution is all about. Survival of the fittest, eh...? Humans are the same. All knowledge and technology... You see, it's all about competition. In war, you use that knowledge and technology to determine who will survive. It's the same in the animal kingdom where they tear their prey apart...

S, stop it!

Impossible... we have survived war. The time has come for us to be released.

"S, stop..."


"Don't interfere..."

What?! Are there others, too?! Other than you and I?! NO!!


This place belongs to me and Aya!


You're not going to interfere!! I won't let YOU!!

N, NO!!!


The evolution of your nucleus is...

...go home... I have to go...

is above... I had no...

I need to go home...

so it seems...

She's waiting...

I'm losing consciousness.

Aya is waiting! She's waiting for me!!

My body... It's back to normal... before Eve ever came along... Before I came to have all that power... Maya... I've been waiting... I've always been waiting for you to come home with mom... And I've always been looking for the other "me"...

...But you've always been with me, haven't you...? ALWAYS... All this time...

And Aya walks off into the sunset with her pet cornea.

And that is it for this game, and for me. Thanks for sticking around this long. If you're still craving some Aya action, you can always check out Free Drinks' video LP of Parasite Eve 2 over here, or check out the original novel. There's a movie based on the book, but it's not good at all, so I'd recommend reading. It's like an adventure for your mind!

Until the next time I have too much free time and a seldom-played game to take screenshots of.