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Part 3: Day 1.75: Sewer Samba

Derail all you want, you'll never stop the picture crushing.

Day 1.75: Sewer Samba

When we last left Aya, she was about to jump down a mystery hole.

Right below Carnegie Hall is a sewer station. I guess that explains the rats.

Oh, and frogs. Big, nasty frogs.

Hearing the sounds of a child crying, Aya presses on.

It's that fucking ghost again. I hate ghosts. I hate children. I hate this thing twice as much.

Ghost girl shows Aya the way out of the sewers. That's nice and all, but first...

We've got a lot of looting to take care of.

I have no idea why there's this many armaments inside a sewer. Maybe it's a gang stash.

Going into the hole in the wall by the Offense+, Aya hits another cache

With a secret! Just turn this valve, which would probably release a water main into Manhattan...

And a wooden chest with some more medicine floats up!

Moving up...

Each of these rats has a Revive on them. I forget if that's just in the EX game or not, but it's going to be useful for me in the future either way.

Backtracking to where Ghost Girl went, Aya hits a useless little gate...

Behind which is Eve! Zounds!

Even though she totally kicked your ass twice already.

Well, her and her date. Eve torches a lone straggling clown long after her fire party, but totally forgot to burn Man.

And Eve makes her exit

She melts her body into goop, floats it through the bars, and reforms. What a showoff.

But she left a present!

A normal sewer alligator would be enough, but oh no! Eve had to make it giant, upright-walking and make it shoot electricity.

There are 2 targets!

The head is borderline impervious as long as the tail lives. So Aya takes care of that first.

I thought he was supposed to be electric Anyway, gator goes down.

Look who's here! It's Daniel, Aya's tough, grizzled, too-old-for-this-shit partner!

Aya: Yes... Oh, but my date...

Danny: Heard from a cop that your boyfriend ran outta there like a wuss! Haha!... Er... sorry your date didn't go well, ahem...

Aya: It's not like that! I had him escort me 'cuz he kept pestering me for a date.

Danny: Yeah, but of all places... The OPERA?! There's a story! Ha! So why the opera, huh? Is that the "in" thing right now?

Aya: Saw the ad in the paper. I dunno... just caught my eye...

Danny: Don't tell me you were on to this case?! Haha... so you finally got some cop instinct in ya, huh?

Aya: ... Instinct...? Daniel... shouldn't you be with your son? It's Christmas Eve...

Danny: He knows his dad's a cop... My boy understands... ANYWAY... to change the subject... I heard things from people who were there... but this is ONE HELL of an incident, huh?!...

Aya: ... Mitochondria...
mitochondria?... Symbiosis...?
When was I in the hospital...?

She sleeps with her eyes open. Creepy.

This is a subtle hint to never forget.

And day 1 draws to a close! What's Eve's evil scheme? What does it have to do with Mitochondria? Will Aya change into some more sensible clothes? Find out the answers to this and more next time!

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