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Part 4: Day 2: Fusion

Welp, I was hoping to get through all the talky parts of Day 2 in one update, but it's just too damn big. So you'll get half of it tonight.

Day 2: Fusion

When we last left Det. Brea, she ruined a perfectly good dress and watched a big black man punch out a reporter. On the morning after...

The nerd on the right is Nix, the other guy is Warner. They're only here to make it look like Aya and Danny aren't the only detectives in the NYPD.

Aya: Wish I could, but I'm the only one who knows what happened last night.

Danny: I've been gathering some into on Melissa. She's got no relatives... And no close friends. She was sick often- always on some kind of medication. The people at the opera said they were amazed she could even stand on stage. Her apartment burned down right after the incident, so we have no into on her medication.

Nix: So what's this spontaneous combustion stuff all about?

Aya: It wasn't exactly spontaneous. People were actually set on fire.

Warner: Oh, come on! What, like one of those ESP things?

Aya: That's the best way to describe it for now.

Warner: ESP, huh? Well, I'm not buyin' it.

Nix: But if you're right, how are WE supposed to deal with something like that?

Daniel: I believe her. After all, Aya's the only witness so far. But if you're gonna take on a suspect like that, you'd better ask Baker for a better sidearm.

Going downstairs to the Weapons Department. There's also a kennel, but no reason to stop by unless you like dogs.

This is Wayne. He likes customizing guns and storing items for you.

This is Torres. He hates guns. The NRA would want to punch him in the mouth.

But that doesn't stop him from giving me a rifle. It's powerful and has good range, but it's slow as hell to fire and you can only shoot 2 rounds per turn. That doesn't mean it isn't useful, though...

Tuning up your equipment is the best part of PE. You can take any stats from one gun, and transfer them to another. Certain items also have extra effects, like poison rounds or extra item capacity. That rifle Aya got is going to be sacrificed into a better gun once I get my hands on some tools. There are also Super Tools, which can let you move a parameter without destroying the item. You don't get to see them in the normal game, sadly. Extra slots can be put into equipment (up to a certain point) by using mod permits. Torres is a stickler for regulation, so you can't get him to boost a weapon without it.

You also get Bonus Points when you level up(or finish a day in EX mode). These points can be dumped into equipment stats, or boost your item capacity and reduce your AT charge time.

Hey, someone let a midget into the precinct.

Oh, it's just Danny's son.

And the little boy storms off into the middle of New York City, all alone.

I was just there five minutes ago. What does he want now?

Yes, sir! Let's go meet the press.

Reporter: How about accounts of officers and firemen at the scene bursting into flames?

Aya: That was...

Baker: That was due to a rare, highly flammable chemical which was used to start the fire.

Reporter: Another question. Then how did Detective Brea survive without so much as a minor burn?

Baker: That is a result of her quick thinking and training as an officer...

Reporter: I'm asking HER the question!

Baker: She...

Aya: She said that my mitochondria were a mutation.

The cameras start snapping away too fast to capture in any meaningful way.

Reporter: Your... mitochondria?

Aya: Melissa... No, she said she was Eve.

Reporter: But according to a report, Melissa Pearce was killed in the fire!

Aya: Melissa did die. Her body had been taken over by this... Eve.

Reporter: What's this Eve!? Some kind of an alien!?

Baker: People, please! She is very tired, and we are still investigating...
That will be all for today!

Baker snaps under the stress and decides to talk to his hand puppet, Señor Knuckelo.

Baker: Some Japanese scientist, I think. Couldn't understand his English too well. He was raving about some mito-something... Says he's coming over here.

Danny: Might-O?

Aya: Is it... Mitochondria?

Nix: You mean, that thing in the cell that makes energy from oxygen?

Danny: Might have heard about that in school...

Aya: That's what Eve had said... That it's time for the mitochondria to be set free...

Nix: Hey, I just read that some researcher at the museum wrote a new theory on them.

Daniel: Sir, I'm taking Aya to go talk to this researcher.

Baker: Go. Better get there before the media. It may explain that phone call, too.

Daniel: Yes, sir. C'mon, Aya!

Let's blow this popsicle stand!

The world city map. Not much to do in the way of exploring, except for the Chrysler Building and the museum. And we're not going near the former for a long, long, long time. So we are museum-bound.

Aya: Dr. Klamp... What's his area of research?

Danny: Well, according to the papers, he's working on a new theory... mitochondria something, but it seems to cover the whole genetic spectrum...

Aya: That's odd... To have a Ph.D and be working in a museum...

Daniel: Well, he's pretty anti-social and doesn't like to waste time outside research.

Aya: Oh, GREAT... We're gonna have a grand time with this one...

Danny: Yeah, yeah... I know where you're going with this. Just be careful this time, huh?

Aya: ...Are you referring to the press conference...?

Danny: Yeah.

Aya: Daniel, why do you kiss the chief's butt? You two joined the force at the same time, didn't you?

Danny: Yeah... But that was YEARS ago... Now, he's my boss.

Next time on Parasite Eve: SCIENCE!