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Part 5: Day 2.25: 300000 Screens Of Text

Day 2.25: 300000 Screens Of Text

Hello, and welcome back. When we last left America's sweethearts, they were on their way to the Museum.

Yes, that is indeed a chocobo.

Danny makes himself seem much older than he is. You are not a Flintstone, Danny.

That woman loves her sarcasm.

Dr. Klamp is too busy writing up a totally awesome burn on some newbie who stumbled into his IRC channel.

Even Aya's getting sick of that by now, and the white screen hasn't even warmed up yet.

And now, it's time for...

Haha... You two have absolutely NO idea what the true mitochondria is like... DO YOU?! The mitochondria... possesses its own unique genetic code.

Its own...? Are you saying it's a separate organism...?


...Kinda like a parasite or somethin', huh?

PARASITE?! That's an interesting way of describing this most fascinating creature! WE cannot LIVE without the mitochondria...! Do you understand?! The mitochondria creates energy for us! Without it, we're NOTHING! WE are HERE because the mitochondria ALLOWS us to be here...

Our brain, for example... The brain functions due to the interation between axons and dendrites. This interaction is possible due to the energy the mitochondria provides.

Did you know the mitochondria is capable of discharging 200,000 V of electricity? This not only pertains to electrical discharge, but also applies to heat energy as well.


Then the combustions from last night were...!!

...For a human to burn and melt, 1600 degrees of heat must be generated. There are several hundred mitochondria present within a single cell... If all the mitochondria in the body begane functioning at the same time... a tremendous amount of energy would be generated and released. Melting a human into a puddle of fluid would be a simple task with so much energy...

So you're saying that the "mitochondria" ignited these people?!

Professor, you may be right in that we need the mitochondria to live... But in the end, we're just USING them for energy... right?

Haha... You have NO idea. The mitochondria has control over an organism's growth. Take this hand, for example. Before we're born, the hand is merely a glob of flesh. But when cells between the fingers deteriorate, that's when the fingers first form. When the cells which make up the body aren't needed anymore, it receives a signal to die. This signal is initated by the mitochondria. When it is relayed, the genetic information in the nucleus is cut off and in essence, dies.

The same can be said for "aging". The mitochondria mutates 10 times faster than cells. Of course, this also applies to mutant forms of mitochondria as well. When too mant mutant mitochondria multiply, energy production level decreases... The decrease in energy production is associated with the "aging" process.

So? Are you still stupid enough to say that WE are the higher species?

But you're NOT saying that the mitochondria is doing all this "CONSCIOUSLY", right?!

When I said that the mitochondria could mutate 10 times faster than normal cells, I also meant that they could evolve at a rate 10 times faster... Since the beginning of creation, the mitochondria has been evolving at this rate. It's no surprise if they possess a power beyond our cognition. No surprise at all...

Let me tell you something. There was a scientist who tried to determine the mutation rate of the mitochondria. With this, the scientist wanted to establish a connection with human ancestry. In 1987, it was announced that the root of all humans can be traced to... a single woman in Africa. This finding was announced around the world. And with this, the mitochondrial theory spread like wildfire...

... You know what they call the root of it all...? "Mitochondria Eve". Splendid name... just incredible...!

That newbie just said that mitochondria are god's little helpers. Klamp can't let him get away with that.

That interview took all day! Let's go back to headquarters.

Suddenly, the radio goes off.

Baker: She had disappeared after last night's incident and the concert was canceled, but people are still gathering at the stage. We must NOT let another massacre happen again! The concert is at the Central Park amphitheater.

Danny: Central Park?!

Aya: What is it, Daniel?

Danny: Ben and Lorraine... They're at that concert!

Aya: WHAT!?

Baker: Daniel! We're not through yet!

To Central Park, and step on it!

I hope we don't get mugged. I just bought this wallet.

Next time on Parasite Eve: Lots and lots of cruelty to animals.