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Part 6: Day 2.5: A Walk In The Park

Day 2.5: A Walk In The Park

Howdy. When we last left the chosen one, she was on her way to Central Park to try to stop Eve from starting another fire. Whoop-dee-do, whoop-dee-do.

I see a helicopter!

Jesus, man. Are you senile, or do you just like being on fire?

Aya: Sometimes you got to look before you leap, old timer.

Danny: I don't care if I burn...

Aya: I'll go...

Danny: Ben's my son. He's the only family I've got. Dammit, I can't do anything.

Aya: Leave it to me.

Danny: Well... but... but..!

Aya: I'll get them out safe, I promise. Besides, Ben needs you. You won't do him any good if you are dead.

Danny: ...Alright. I'm counting on you, Aya.

Aya: I know...

And so, Aya begins her run through Central Park.

Only to be stopped by a snake...

Who brings in even more snakes.

Stepping on the snakes and moving on, Aya reaches the zoo. Eve most likely mutated every animal in there into an exotic, gruesome killing machine. I'll probably have to fight laser tigers next.

More guns!

And crows. These swarming bastards drop junk when you kill them. You can then give the junk to Wayne, who collects them. If you give him 300 of them, you can get one of a selection of k-rad guns. But that's for masochists and people with OCD.

The zookeeper's office.

Perfect. I bet to open this I need to get two halves of an emblem, which gives me a jewel, which activates a statue, which writes a strongly-worded letter to...


This grenade launcher not only uses normal bullets, but makes them explode with fire when you shoot 'em.

Monkeys! With detachable boomerang arms! Fuck! After beating them, Aya goes to the room located behind her. In a fit of practicality, the Zoo Key works for every lock in the Zoo.

Okay, so that explains the snakes.

And the monkeys.

And the... what? Giant worms?! Why would you even make that an exhibit in the first place?! "And here we have some worms. They're from South America, so they're slightly bigger than the ones we get here!" I bet that just floors the kids.

They also kept a bunch of items with the poisonous snakes and monkeys... and worms.

Using this, I give the M9 I picked up the fire slot from the grenade launcher. Just because I can.

Moving on, Aya takes a stroll around the park to pick up some ammo.

How did you make it to Detective?

The charred corpse blocking the other path, even though he can be easily stepped over or around, Aya heads for the amphitheater.

Eve: Aaaarrrgh... Special because I will no longer be under the control of a host, as I have since the dawn of time. Humans are weak- mitochondria can self evolve. Mitochondria must now take over the nucleus.

Here comes trouble

Oh crap. She's gonna set them all on fire again, and I can't do anything about it.




The giant glob of flesh floats away.

You have a gun. She's right in your sights, and not that far away. You can probably pick her off from here.

I am in no mood for ghosts tonight.



Like a dope, Aya runs after Eve, suddenly realizing she can step over that dead guy from earlier.

But first, we make a detour for some more items.

... and a zombie polar bear...

Who shoots electricity... That just isn't fair.

At any rate, Aya leaves the dead bear and chases after the ghost girl through a maze of paths.


Some armor boosting items in those two chests.

That is a giant snail. This is the worst zoo ever.

Wasn't there another invertebrate I was complaining about?

Oh yeah. The worms.

Every time you kill one, the others get bigger.

Then the last one gets bored and tries to squash you with his mighty size.

Each worm was carrying one of these for some reason. I'm not one to complain. With the last of the little zoo creatures shot dead, nothing's standing between Aya and Eve.

Except the end of this update.

Next time on Parasite Eve: New York goes insane.