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Part 8: Day 3: Selection

Day 3: Selection

When we last left Aya, she was freaking out just because she might be a horrible monster hellbent on killing everyone she ever cared about. The morning after...

The dork slept out on the sidewalk.

Aya: You were here ALL night?! I told you to go away! You could've died, you know!

Maeda: Scientists can't believe anything without proof. It's... it's just one of those things. And besides...

Aya: What...

Maeda: Oh, nothing...

While nerdlinger slept, Danny was making himself useful.

:tfr: :ayasgonnagetsomeguns:

Oddly enough, I had a similar reaction when I saw a gun shop for the first time.

What's the only way? I don't get it.



Aya with the burn.

I feel like a kid in a candy store. Only the candy is used to kill things.

I suppose I should get some medicine n'shit, too.

I bet Danny threw a grenade at it.

Okay I'm loaded up, let's blow this joint.

Maeda: Is there any place with a research facility?

Danny: Research facility?

Maeda: I'd like to conduct an experiment... and test something. It might be relevant.

Aya: How about the facility in the museum where Klamp is at? They had really extensive equipment there.

Danny: No WAY, man. Anywhere but there!

Aya: He should have been evacuated by now... it should be okay.

Maeda: Err... yes... That sounds good. Daniel, is that okay?


Aya: Gel...? Is it from Eve?

Maeda: Yes... It appears to be a remnant of Eve's cells... At the cellular level, her power cannot be as strong as Aya sais previously.

The dork then yanks out a blood sample. Or a skin sample. Or something.

Danny: Hey, what're you doing?

Maeda: I just want to conduct this experiment to see whether or not...

Let's take a look at Eve's cells!

Maeda: As you can see, the mitochondria, er, EVE has taken over the nucleus. In a similar manner, the beasts that attacked you probably experienced the same thing.

Danny: Does the mitochondria really have the power to control the nucleus?

Maeda: No, the "normal" mitochondria never has such power. But Eve's mitochondria has gone through tremendous evolutionary changes. This is what I think happened to Eve's mitochondria...

More talking head explanations means more...

Normally, mitochondria require oxygen when they generate energy called ATP. So at this time, the mitochondria requests oxygen from the nucleus. Without the energy supply from the mitochondria, the nucleus cannot function. So in essence, the two organelles constantly rely on each other. But in this case...

It seems that Eve developed the power to reverse this symbiotic relationship. Evolution, or even mutation seems likely in this case...

Reversed the cycle?!

Look at this... even with a limited number of cells, her cells have this much power. Can you imagine how much power Eve has within her WHOLE body...?!

And now, let's see Aya's cells

Do you realize what is happening? Your mitochondria are supplying more energy to the nuclei of your cells... It's almost as if they are protecting the nuclei from Eve's mitochondria...

Why does Aya's mitochondria have this kind of power?

I don't know... I just... Are you familiar with Richard Dawkins theory of the 'Selfish Gene'? In simple terms, it states that 'genes act in a manner to preserve and ensure survival of the species.'

Hey man, I don't read those scientific journals... What're you tryin' to say?

Depending on how you look at it, you can say that Eve is... trying to destroy all mitochondria except her own. In response to that, Aya's mitochondria has developed the power to rebel...

Why only Aya's? Shouldn't it be the same for us as well? We should also have that power based on...

That seems to follow the natural order of things, but I'm sorry, I don't know why...

Someone's there!


Danny: We... we're just...

Aya: We've received orders to evacuate this city. Professor, you really should...

Klamp: I tell you... COPS are the ones corrupting this fine city...!

Maeda: I'm... I'm sorry..! It was my fault, you see... I asked them to bring me here...

Klamp: Why the hell are YOU?

Maeda: Oh... I... I'm Kunihiko Maeda and I'm a scientist from Japan...

Klamp: ...You were using my electronic microscope...
(Electronic? What the fuck?)

Maeda: Th... those are... I... I... I don't know...

Klamp: Do you take me for a FOOL?! With cells like these... They MUST affect the body's natural state...!

Maeda: Err... um... uh...

Klamp: Oh, shut up! I'll just ask... Officer Brea...! Your cells contain a tremendous amount of energy... Do you feel any... bodily changes?

Aya: I...

Klamp: You should feel... somewhat... hot...? No? Speak up, officer... I can't hear you... Have you lost consciousness anytime recently?

Throw him out the window, Danny! Save us all a world of problems!

Not a chance, Hans! Your name's not even American! I bet you're a terrorist.

Don't listen to her, she's brain damaged. THROW HIM!

Aw, you chump.

Aya: What was that list...?

Maeda: It was an HLA type listing... It's a list to see whether organs will be rejected when transplanted.

Danny: Why the hell are Ben and Lorraine on the list?!

Maeda: It was a list of people with matching HLA types, so...

Danny: Damn! I'm gonna get him! I'm goin' back to the station and gettin' the...

Oh man, we're gonna bring the SWAT team on him and shit. There's no way anything could possibly go wrong now. I can't wait! But you'll have to.

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