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Part 9: Day 3.5: My Dog Is Sick

Day 3.5: My Dog Is Sick

When we last left our heroes, they were going back to the police station for... I really don't know, actually. Let's see if we can find out.

Man, the boys at Precinct #17 sure do know how to party. Aya's Eve-sense is tingling.

He gives Aya some kind of useless Japanese good luck charm. It's useless and it sucks up inventory and it's useless and I hate him for it.

At any rate, it's time to check out the rest of the station.

More rats! And crows! Every crow I fight is like god's dribbling a little bit of urine on my head. Moving on, let's check out the office.

Warner: Aya... Man, Eve really caught us off guard... Most of our men were out...

Aya: I'm getting help! Hang on!

Warner: No worries... I'll be all right. You go after Ben...!

Baker's nowhere to be found, either.

Uh oh. Better see how things are in the basement.

Oh fuck my face off.

Let's try a nifty little PE skill I learned. Energy Shot uses up all of your PE power to let out a huge blast on an enemy.

Like so. Now that them doggies is dead, let's check up on Wayne and Torres.

Wayne: Why...? Why didn't ya shoot, man!?

Torres: Haven't used a gun since...

Wayne: Since your daughter was shot? Torres, you can't blame guns for that!

Torres: I...suppose... You're... right. Wayne... You take good care of this place, now...

Aya: Torres!

Wayne: Noooo!!

Aya: This gun... It's...

Wayne: It's Torres' gun... Hasn't used it in ages, but he always kept it in shape. Torres wasn't just good at gun tune ups... He was a real good shot, too. But ever since the day his daughter was killed by a gun accidentally going off... He stopped shooting altogether, and he came to this department to keep guns in check..

Wayne: Aya! I know you can handle this gun! Take this... And nail that monster for Torres!

Whoop. More weapons means more power. And god knows I need it. They let you stock up on equipment and medicine earlier with good reason-- the police station is hard.

I hope the kennel's in better shape than everywhere else.

Something tells me Ben rides the short bus to school.

I guess I'll have to follow him.

This section used to be locked off. No idea why they'd lock off half of the station from staff, yet leave the captain's office and armory well within reach... but now that everyone's dead it doesn't matter.

It's like those old cartoons where baby Herman would casually crawl around a construction site, totally oblivious as things crash around him.

An interrogation room. Gee, I wonder if anything is going to jump out of that mirror?

You could knock me over with a feather. Also, that shiny thing on the table is a key for a tiny storage room beside the kennel.

Spiders! They shoot webs that slow you down to a crawl, letting them hit you over and over. That sucks.

Sheeva gets weird

That's a little unusual.


Why can't I ever fight anything cute and happy? God forbid I get to shoot a happy little squirrel or something. Oh no, it has to be a giant three-headed hellhound, with tentacles and a neck-mouth.


My hair smells like pee.

Gee, thanks. I'd love to inherit your old jock strap and Hustler mags. Moving up...

Another doggy! This one came with a big gun. I also grabbed a leather jacket from a small room in the top corner here.

Runnin' through halls

Fightin' spiders and doggies

Gettin' weird camera angles

Baker's tougher than he looks, I guess.


There are 3 targets!

Sheeva is a galactic pain in the ass. The attack shown here covers almost the whole screen, and consistently does HUGE damage. She wouldn't stop using it on me, until I almost ran out of medicine.

This is Sheeva's other major attack. It's nice and avoidable, though. Eventually, all the heads die, and the body with them.

"I guess I should've found a place to hide or ran away, instead of chasing after a mad dog like a retard. "

Ben: Uncle Baker was protecting me!

Danny: Captain... Thank you...

Baker: Remember when... Ben was younger? We used to all play at your place...

Danny: Sir...

Baker: Cut that out... "Baker" is fine... Like the old times.

And that annoying little chunk has been bitten off. Wonder what will Eve throw at us next?

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