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Part 10: Day 4: Conception

Aw man, I'm gonna end up making this page a death trap for browsers.

Day 4: Conception

Welcome back. When we last left our heroine, she was slaughtering dogs while the NYPD was decimated.

Aya: C'mon, Daniel. You're in charge now.

Danny: Yeah, well... I'm not used to this sorta thing...

Warner: You're doin' great, boss!

Danny: But why did Eve decide to attack the precinct...?

Aya: To get rid of us...?

Anonymous Cop: Maybe that Japanese guy knows something about it.

Danny: You're right. Where'd he go, anyway.

Now that I'm free to move around, let's see just what that one dead cop was keeping in his locker.

A trading card. The most valuable thing in the man's life was a trading card that he kept in his locker. Oh well, let's go see Wayne.

Hey look, a use for that trading card I found! Trading cards are the new permits. Unlike permits, you can find cards all over the place. You can find a lot in one place in particular.

Using the card to give my gun a nifty extra slot.

Huh? What's this?

Oh, screw you.

Anyway... I'm going to just skip the next part since it's like 30 screens just to say that Eve attacked the station as a distraction, so she could try to get a sperm sample from a nearby hospital. Aya and Maeda leave to see if they can catch her, leaving Danny to clean up the remaining police force.

Maeda: Uh... oh, uh... Er, I wonder why Daniel didn't come with us.

Aya: He said he's gonna get the dirt on Klamp. He also wants to be with Ben.

Maeda: Oh, yes, of course!

Aya: Maeda...

Maeda: Y, yes?!

Aya: That creature that was born in Japan... What happened to it?

Maeda: It died. Along with the scientist that was its father...

Aya: How did... a monster like that die?...

Maeda: There was a rebellion. The mitochondria passed from the father didn't connect with the ones passed from Eve. It began to deteriorate and the father held onto the dissolving flesh and they died.

Aya: Even though it's a monster... I guess it's still your child...

St. Francis may be:

* Saint Francis of Assisi
* Saint Francis of Paola
* Saint Francis of Sales (or ... de Sales)
* Saint Francis Xavier

Stop gaying up my inventory, Maeda



Son of a... I thought I was done with the ghost shit.

Reflections don't work like that, dumbass.

Eve's been watching too many Bugs Bunny cartoons.


Guess I'll have to take the stairs...

No wonder the hospital is empty. They lock their patients and staff out.

Now that's just plain mean. Looks like I'm going to have to get the power working or learn how to teleport or fly or something.

"Fuse 1"? It's never a good sign when common objects are numbered.

But hey, free grenade launcher... with tranquilizing rounds. How would that even work? The grenade would already blow your target up. I don't think you need to put whatever bits are left to sleep.

And a fight with, um, something. Super bacteria, I guess. They spit those red centers out to poison you.

I give up. Aya must have gone crazy after the incident at Carnegie Hall. It's the only logical explanation.

Moving on through the morgue.

All the bodies are burnt, none of them have any goodies to steal.

Key get!

Key need! Remember guys, I need the BLUE cardkey.

Why couldn't you do that with all the other keys I've collected?

Aya pretends she's on CSI.

Heading into what I assume is an incinerator or some other kind of disposal area.

Well, that was simple.

And another fuse! I hope these are actually good for something.

And again with the discarding. What if I came across another BLUE door? What then?

Maya is Tyler Durden.

What hospital is complete without a surgical machine gun?

What the hell is that thing?! Seriously. The hospital monsters are just plain abominations. Well, except for the giant bees. They're simply out of place.

I defeat that unholy chimera for a fucking fuse. I bet there's a hardware store across the street. Aya could have picked up a box of them for like a dollar.

And now to check up on that fuse box-like thing.

That doesn't sound good. Let's try turning it on!

Whoops. I guess it's a good thing Aya decided to collect fuses scattered around the building at random, then!


Now, let's get the fuck out of here.

Next time on Eve & Aya's Excellent Adventure: Aya goes up the elevator.