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Part 11: Day 4.25: Navy vs. Hospital

Day 4.25: Navy vs. Hospital

Welcome back. When we last saw Aya, she had finished being minorly inconvenienced by Eve, and was heading up a hospital elevator. Let's see how she did...

Lacking any proper Muzak, Aya decides to hum "The Girl From Ipanema".

Wonderful. The ghost girl multiplied.

Okaaaay. So instead of ghosts, they're strangely useful flashbacks.

So useful, they unlocked that door from earlier.

What a dump. I wouldn't bring my cat in to be treated here.

Well, all right. BUT FIRST!

Someone left a huge pile of trading cards behind the cabinet! Too bad Aya can only pick up one card at a time, and each card takes as much space as a grenade launcher. Oh well. Aya stocks up on cards to feed Wayne later.

Oh, no...

Don't tell me. She's about to

God fucking damn it.

We've seen all these before.

But so help me god, I had to sit through it, and so will you.

They're just dragging it out, now.

Finally, Aya snaps out of it and goes to check up on the missing Nurse.

Nurse: Whew! I thought I was done for. Thanks.

Aya: Glad to help, but you could help me even more by telling me where the doors next to the elevators lead.

Nurse: Umm... to the storage areas of the hospital...that's where we keep oxygen tanks and our main supply of liquid nitrogen.

Aya: What do you use liquid nitrogen for?

Nurse: I don't know. Here... take this
GREEN card key and find out yourself. I'm not staying to see what happens next.

For a curvy gal, she sure can book it.

With everyone else gone, Aya trots off to make use of her shiny new key.

Doctor: Well, for many different things. You can use it to freeze off warts and such, but its main use is for research. It keeps the sperm bank from spoiling...

Aya: Sperm bank?!?! Oh, my God... How do I turn it off?

Doctor: Well, there is a valve that you can turn off in the storage area. Why?

Aya: Sorry, I don't have time to explain. By the way... which floor is the research lab located on?


I'll miss you, little key.

Moving on, Aya gets ready to shut off the steady piping supply of liquid nitrogen.


Killing the giant blobby thing, Aya proceeds to turn off the main nitrogen valve, thus cutting off the sperm bank's steady free-flowing internal supply of liquid nitrogen.

Up on the 13th ( ) floor...

Golly, it looks like something weird's happening at the top of the Chrysler Building! Too bad it has nothing to do with me.

Moving on, yet again




I have no idea why the door's lock operated that way.

Especially just to protect a kennel. I guess it's for lab experiments or something. I'm just glad there are no mutant dogs here.

Finally, the sperm bank! Time to do some detective work.

Why? Why would Aya pick that up? Is she just a kleptomaniac? Whatever the reason, there was a note attached to the junk, so it wasn't totally useless.

Aya: The HLA list. Ben's and Lorraine's names are on here too... It's the same list that was on Dr. Klamp's computer. What's he trying to do?!

Aya: These are... the patient records.

Mariko Brea...
It's my mother's record...
December 23, 1977- taken in with Maya Brea after an accident. Pronounced dead after cardiac arrest. Maya Brea, the daughter... The next page is missing. It's somewhere else.

December 23, 1977- emergency hospitalization. Operation successful. After 6 months of hospitalization, released. Needs medication from hospital.

Aya: Melissa and Maya were brought in to the hospital on the same day... and operated on... No... it can't be...!

Don't know why this elevator would need a key, or why it would be left with patient records, but oh well.


Going to the roof for no reason whatsoever.


Remember, NO unnecessary attacks! Target the enemy in the air and be alert!

Captain: Manhattan's practically deserted! Why don't they just...!

Admiral: No, Lynch. We haven't received orders from the President to attack yet. At this point, we need to look for the missing people from the park and warn the city.

The jets sweep through NYC

Hiiiiighwaaaay toooo the

DANGER ZONE! Dunna dunna dunna

Aya: ...My... shoes are sticky...

Wiping her feet on an old piece of newspaper, Aya moves on.

Uh oh. The camera's a little too far away for comfort. I guess it's time for a boss fight!

Giant brain spider thing!

With giant slow casting webs!

And it's a multi stage fight. After pumping him full of enough lead, he and Aya go running further into the middle of the roof.

Until he falls through. Lucky for it, we're on a hospital.

I bet the giant brain spider will recover in a few days and put this whole silly affair behind it.

Aya: You're going to use the sperm to give birth to the Ultimate Being...!

Eve: You're a bright one! The first rebellion took place some years ago on a far off eastern island. There, my sister committed a fatal error... I'm higher in the evolution chain than my sister. I will never commit the same mistake...

Aya: You're not my...

Eve: Finally caught on, huh...?

Aya: ...No...!

Eve: You feeble organisms depend on machines to do all the work...!

Aya: Stop!

Eve plays with the airplanes

Hiiiiiighwaaaaay toooooo the


That's gonna end up on your record, Mavrick.

Then I'm telling

Shit! I'd better run for it.

...But first Aya has to send a text message to Brenda about messing up the shoes she borrowed and

Oh. Darn. Too late.