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Part 12: Day 4.5: The Wild Goose Chase

Day 4.5: The Wild Goose Chase

When we last saw Aya, she was blown up by a stray jet. I, uh, I should probably fix that.

This time, Aya's gonna run like there was a sale at The Gap.


And shit goes boom without Aya

Good thing the window washer most likely died a horrible fiery death before finishing the job.

Goddamn giant brain spiders!

Oh man I hope the brakes work in time I don't wanna kill Aya again

Well. That was convenient.

Aya: Oh, and the hospital's on fire with a giant spider running amok on the top floor. I'm sure whoever's left inside can deal with that.

Danny: You can study all you want, but you gotta brush up on other things too, man! No girl's gonna want to be with you if you're gonna be like that!

Maeda: W, what?! Please! I, I...

Aya: Daniel, is everything OK back at the station?

Danny: That's the thing. I found out several things about Klamp, but... In the past, a doctor from that hospital was fired for giving out a patient list.

Aya: A list...? You mean like the one with the HLA listing...?

Danny: These guys have access to just about everything. I've got other info too. This is what I heard from Warner, who was onto Melissa. She was seen going into the museum late at night on several occasions!

Aya: Eve..? She was going into the museum?!

Maeda: We NEED to go there! We MUST get there before the being is born!

Danny: Calm down. We're there, buddy...

I'm amazed that such a small amount of people could completly fix a full building in less than a day.

They even reframed the pictures!

Oh good! I was almost out of plot advancement.

Warner: AND, Melissa was seen going into the museum late at night several times!

Aya: Eve!?

Danny: Klamp... That bastard! I KNEW he was a part of this! We'll split up here and search the entire city. Eve and Klamp must be meeting soon!

Maeda: We must hurry! It'll be too late once the Ultimate Being is born!

Warner: I'll go snoop around some more for any info.

Danny: We'll all split up and look for Eve. You find any trace of her, you call for backup.

Aya: Weren't you going to stay here, Daniel?

Danny: And push papers all day? You're kiddin' me!

So now we have a couple of leads to follow as to where Eve's hiding. She could be at a warehouse, or she could be in Chinatown. I neglected to mention it before, but Soho is where Maeda met up with our heroes a few days ago.

If Batman has taught me anything, it's that the bad guys always hide out in abandoned warehouses.

New York's finest, folks.

All right, looks like Aya and her dog are ready to kick some-

You fat bastard.

At least Tubby didn't take my nifty new toy.

Time to enter... THE DOOMWAREHOUSE!

Nothing suspicious so far

Aww. Rat and mutant kitty are playing


Kitty doesn't like big rat. Now I have to kill it.

Everyone keeps dropping their keys all over the place. It's disgraceful.




I'm glad Aya managed to find the exact key she needed. It would have sucked if that key was for the front door.

More running. Monster-wise, it's just been rats and spiders. Yawn.

There is a mysterious hissing sound coming from somewhere.

Probably down that hole. Too bad the elevator isn't working, so Aya can't check it out

Or she could do that.

That hissing's getting stronger. I wonder if it's a snake nest?

Not snakes, but a crab. The crab and I will have a battle. A crab battle, if you will.

...Why are his eyes floating?


I should be mad, but that was probably the coolest way to kill someone ever.

After blowing off one of his claws, Crab starts spitting bubbles at me. Luckily, they're avoidable.

Aya has disarmed the perpetrator. I'm not sorry for that pun, and you can't make me stop.

The crab was carrying a motherfucking ROCKET LAUNCHER!

Oh. That's what the hissing was. A chemical shower protecting a lonely tool on the ground. No Eve in sight, though.

So I guess it's onward to Chinatown.

Next time on Parasite Eve: You didn't think we were done with the sewers, did you?