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Part 13: Day 5: Evolution

Day 5: Evolution

Welcome back. When we left our heroine, she had killed a giant crab with her bare hands and used its shell to build a high-power portable rocket launcher. With that, she headed to Chinatown.

Maybe I can buy some illegal fireworks while I'm here.

Chinatown is just one medium-sized street. There are a lot of chests hiding goodies amongst the signs and garbage.

I wanted to avoid a "ha ha Chinese people eat cats" joke, but they make it hard.

That capsule effect for this gun? Acid rounds. It gradually hurts enemies once hit with it, making it like a more reliable poison effect. Except it's ACID.

Oh look it's Maeda, and he's poking at some goo.

That better not be another stupid charm...


After kicking Maeda in the nuts for cluttering her precious inventory, Aya heads into the sewers.

Many many similar screens, almost all filled with bats. Bats like using sound waves to make Aya blind. Don't ask me how that works, I didn't make the game.

Shit! Wrong side.

At least I found a nifty shotgun during the trip.

There's a lot of decent items around the sewers, if you're patient enough to check out every single dead end.

Finally, Aya finds the right path to the ladder.

That's some creative graffiti.

New club! The effects shown let Aya steal items and get the first attack. But this means actually using the club in combat, and I'm too much of a badass die-hard NRA hardcore motherfucker to use anything but the greatest tool ever: The gun.

My penis is huge.

It's what's left of that melted Central Park concert audience! I wondered where they went.

Showdown with the blob

My reaction exactly. There comes a time when you have to take a step back, and realize you're having a standoff with a giant animated ball of human flesh.

The ball realizes it too, and decides to get out of here before things get too weird.

You're drinking it right now.

But before she fixes the slime tainting thing, Aya just has to see what's down this ladder.


Killing the stupid goddamn alligator clones and collecting the weaksauce tool they were guarding, Aya moves on.

Aya's greatest threat to date: A door.

And she does! All it took was flicking a couple of switches.

The slime goes to Plan B

I pity the poor city worker who has to clean all that flesh gunk out of the pumps when all this is over.

Nobody likes a sore loser

Be sure to clean up after you're done. I don't want to step on any charged rails while I'm out there.

Whee, let's blow this joint.

I'm so glad to be out of those dank, dingy underground tunnels. Now on to...

...A subway. Argh.

I have no idea where to go, so I'll just head up.

Up was a bad choice. Boss fight!

Little bastard spits poison blobs like a broken fountain.

And what's worse, killing him is only half the battle.

It wouldn't be a centipede boss without it breaking into smaller pieces. The centipede bits just run in a pattern, waiting to be killed.

With that out of the way, Aya checks out the abandoned train.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

The tracks vanish into a bridge for some reason.

I bet I need that to get out of the subway. Because walking over a barricade would just be too much effort.

Snap! Too bad we didn't go back to the museum after both Danny and Warner said Eve had a connection there, instead opting to chase after unconfirmed reports.

Time for some backtracking, I guess.

... which takes a whole 'nother CD to cover.

Next time on Parasite Eve: Raptor hunts and pop quizzes.