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Part 14: Day 5.5: Night Of The Zombie Raptors

Day 5.5: Night Of The Zombie Raptors

Last time on Parasite Eve, Detective Brea chased a giant blob people into a subway, where it got away.

Aya hoofs it back to the subway. Because going across the bridge is too easy, and she can't swim.

Finally. I never want to see a tunnel, or anything tunnel-like as long as I live.

Just a quick hike in, arrest Klamp, kill Eve, and I can be home in time for House.

Zoinks! Mystery person ran through the dinosaur exhibit.

The floor map Aya's running around shows all the major fossil deposits in North America. There's probably a sign or something that explains that, but the only reason I know it is because that's about all Alberta's good for.

Hey! Someone left a door conveniently open!

Someone closed that door. What a jerk. I guess Aya's going to have to walk around the long way or-


That's what I want to know.

Sigh. It's gonna be a long trip.

Every single room was full of dinosaurs. Where's Sam Neil when you need him?

At this point I'd settle for Jeff Goldblum.

Right. You don't want people being able to get out of the building during an emergency.

BLANGBLANGBLANG TWEET! It's a trivia podium! Play along for fabulous prizes!

Answer:  9 

Yay! Aya wins a medicine. Each of these little things will give you a healing item or ammo for getting the answer right. It's not required, but it's a neat way to make sure you were paying attention during Science Time.

Whoa-hey, what's this?

Storage! I bet they're hiding the Ark of the Covenant back here.

Answer:  Mitochondria 

You should know this by now.

Inside the store room, there isn't a whole lot to loot.

Except a full body suit...

And a card. Why a card was kept inside a chest all the way in here isn't for me ask.

Let us progress

I'll deal with him in a bit. BUT FIRST...

Answer:  Nitrogen oxides from volcanoes 



Some stone heads with vines!

Giant mutant pillbugs!

Killing the bugs and causing some sort of accident, Aya moves upstairs.

Answer:  200,000 V per cubic cm 

I suppose that's where those broken rocks came from.

And one of them used to block this exit. Convenient!

Down had a tool, or a medicine, or something forgettable. Aya goes up.

All biology has ever proven is that the human body is gross.

Answer:  ||||| Aging ||||| 

This is one confusing evolutionary chart. Chickens, herbivorous dinosaurs, and giant human ears all shared a common ancestor.

Answer:  || An African female || 


Run away!

At least I don't have to fight this guy. He'd probably take way too many bullets.

Aya finally finds an unlocked door.

Oh come ON!

That sounds perfectly safe and logical. It's not like you couldn't just shoot that other lock off, like you and Danny did back in Soho.

She may not be smart, but she's got moves like a ninja.

The gift shop umbrellas hide many presents. Like bullets. They're gift shop bullets, though, so they're decoratively painted and cost $50 each.

I feel like I'm in a movie theater all of the sudden.

The only unlocked room in the entire building is the security office. Is that ironic or just stupid?

Aya fixes that. Now things like doors and elevators will actually work.

Finally, Aya realizes the silliness of such a security system

There can not be a practical reason for that form. Eve has to be trying to gross people out now. She will die for that... but that'll have to wait for another update.

Next time on Let's Gross Out Mr. Swoon: Things explode. A lot.