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Part 15: Day 5.75: Wherein the Plot and Many Other Things Explode

The rest of this thread may contain things that could be very loosely considered not safe for work. These include but are not limited to Barbie-level nudity, giant walking uteruses, and a baby's wiener. If such things are NWS where you are, then I consider not reading this thread at work. Don't come crying to me if your boss walks in, sees the thread, fires you, sets your house on fire and runs over your dog.

Day 5.75: Wherein the Plot and Many Other Things Explode

Last time on Parasite Eve, Aya pushed a button. She was mighty pleased.

Just what is that crazy museum up to now?

Oh neat, it's the T-Rex display. I love those.

And it's the sewer-tainted fleshball!

It's not doing what I think it's doing, is it?

Aw crap it is.

Read my mind, homegirl.

Anyways, Aya decides to check up on Klamp's office.

Shoot them now! Shoot them now!

Maeda: ...H, hi Aya... Yes, t, there was something I really needed to test... Err... May I put my arms down now?

Aya: Did you come back here... alone...?

Maeda: ...Mmm... no, Daniel came with me part of the way.

Aya: Well... where is he...?

Maeda: Err... yes... he went to look for something at the hospital... he should be on his way here...

Aya: Oh...

Maeda: ...There haven't been any combustions recently, so I... er... Anyway... I asked Wayne to make this back at the station! Please use it!

Aya: What is it...?

Maeda: Yes, er... I'll have to explain later... But I believe this will have some effect against Eve and the creatures she controls...

Aya: Thank you. I guess I'll have to wait and see what it does...

As you can tell by the attack power, it's pretty much useless right now. But it's chock full of wheaty plot.

Maeda: I came across some findings... mmm... yes... First of all, there was blood serum with Maya's name labeled on it in the freezer.

Aya: ...My sister's name... And...?

Maeda: Well... the research code for it was called EVE...

Aya: EVE?! Then EVE really IS...

Maeda: It appears to have been made up of liver cells. He was culturing them in the past.

Aya: What do you mean? What for...?

Maeda: ...I don't know... There isn't any data left. But it seems Dr. Klamp has been culturing them for years.

Maeda: Recently, it appears he was conducting research on artificial sperm... For Eve, of course...

Aya: ...For Eve...?

Maeda: Err... yes... he wanted to exclude the mitochondria from the sperm and create new sperm... Sperm with no parasites... Sperm with only the nucleus...

Aya: Sperm without... the mitochondria...?

Maeda: Yes. He took the sperm that he created here and moved it to the hospital... There, he would artificially inseminate those who would volunteer for the experiment.

Aya: ...Then... what was that HLA list for...?

Aya: What you did...! This isn't something you can get away with, do you understand?!

Klamp: Hahahahaha... You are pathetic, Brea! Why put yourself in the human domain by reciting meaningless laws... They're MEANINGLESS, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!
Hahahahaha... I guess you haven't told your little friends, yet... Your... mitochondria... has special powers, doesn't IT... Aya...? Hahahahahaha! But sadly... you still have the form of a human being, don't you?

Aya: You can say all you want, but I'm just here to arrest you, Professor Klamp.

HELL yeah!

Danny teaches "How to be a Badass" at the Adult Learning Annex.

Danny: Just in time... Why didn't you SHOOT?! You could've been killed!

Aya: ...I know... It... just didn't seem real... it felt more like...

Officer Dollis... Why didn't YOU shoot me?

Danny: What?

Klamp: I know you hate me...

Danny: Whaddya wanna say, huh?! OF COURSE I HATE YOU! Because of YOU, Lorraine's...!!

Klamp: ...Lorraine...? Hmm... so I see that your boy managed to escape...

Danny: You...!!! ...I should've killed you WAY BACK! Someday, you're gonna pay for this!!!

Klamp: Hahahaha... We'll see... we'll see...

Aya: What are you planning to do, Professor?...

Klamp: The mitochondria is passed on from the mother, but you see... traces from the father can also be found in minute quantities... According to Eve, her sister in Japan was unable to attain her ultimate goal because... the father's side of the mitochondria caused a rebellion.

Klamp: For Eve to succeed this time, I created sperm without the male mitochondria DNA... The creation was a success... Eve is now pregnant with Melissa's body...

Aya: Pregnant?!

Maeda: How can that be... possible?

Danny: Damn!! Aya, we gotta kill EVE!! Let's go!

Klamp: Hahahaha... You humans are so weak... so stupid... You may have been able to barge in here and do things YOUR way until now... BUT things are going to change. I won't let you interfere with Eve any more...

Or, she'll just blow Klamp up. Still, it's nice of Danny and Maeda to jump out a second story window into the street.

Klamp: ...Why...? Why... stay here and try to save me...?

Aya: First of all, I'm a cop and it's my job... And after all, I am human...

Klamp: Hahahaha... Like I said, humans... are... pathetic...

I gots a key. I'mma use dat key.

All right. Eve's probably at the top floor, and with the shiny new key Aya doesn't have to worry about any locked doors.

That's a new one. But the trip wasn't wasted. Aya snags a gun that gives you two turns per round in battle. Really handy, especially if you have to heal a lot.

So Aya goes the long way, via the room across from Klamp's

Answer:  Photosynthesis by bacteria 

That triceratops looks funny...


This little devil charges at you, or shoots electricity around the room.

Then does the same after you shoot his head off.

Aya kills him and moves on to



Son of a fuck.

Stupid headless reanimated electric triceratops.

That means something's about to go down!

What's that over on the second floor? And why do I hear music?

Aya: Gremlins 2 sucked.

T-Rex: You philistine.

That sure sounds like an ultimate attack if ever I've heard one.

Putting that very odd boss fight behind her, Aya looks for an exit.

Bringing us back to square one.

Next time on Parasite Eve: Aya learns where babies come from.