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Part 16: Day 5.81: Navy vs. Eve

Before we begin, I'd like to remind everyone that there's some slight stuff coming up in this update.

Day 5.81: Navy vs. Eve

Last time on PE, the dinosaurs took a break from their bloodthirsty rampage to put on what appeared to be a musical number. Aya was not amused.

What's that noise?

The building starts to shake.

And objects break.

Aya checks the displays that shattered from the quake.

Another two turn gun will keep you awake.

If someone prepared a soufflé during this adventure, it would be ruined during the bake.

But there is more looting to be done, so haste does she make.

Super tools are awesome, Aya will take.

The sight of all this fleshy goo makes my tummy ache.

Oh fine, ruin my rhyming scheme why don't you?

Eve's looking... well.

Aya: Eve... Why can't you just look like a normal person? Just once...

Pfft. You only threw, what? A million mutant dinosaurs at me? I've seen worse.

Aya where do babies come from?

Eve calls a cab

That is seriously disgusting. My mind can't even process it. I think she even gave herself an egg sac just for fun.

I guess that explains the earthquake.

When the concertgoers at Central Park combine their powers, they become...


OH YEA STAR dammit everything's run into the ground.

THE MITOCHONDRIAL GIANT! takes super breeder Eve in its hand and wanders off into the night.

Aya: Daniel, Maeda... You both made it out okay...?

Danny: Yeah, we barely made it though... Did you see that ugly mama...?!

Aya: That... That was everyone from Central Park...

Danny: WHAT?! Then you're saying that Lorraine's a part of that thing TOO?!

Aya: ...I'm sorry, Daniel...

Maeda: Er... Yes... It has become apparent as to what medication Melissa had been taking...

Aya: What was she on?!

Maeda: She was being administered... immunosuppressants.

Aya: Immunosuppressants...? For what? Why?

Aya: Transplant? What kind of transplant?

Maeda: Yes. It seems that she got one of your sister's kidneys... after Maya died in an accident.

Aya: A kidney transplant? So Melissa got... Maya's kidney...?

Aya: What...? Really...? I never knew that...

Maeda: Your mother's organs couldn't be transplanted after the accident... So Maya's kidney was transplanted into the young Eve... No, I'm sorry, the young "Melissa". She had kidney failure...

Aya: Then Eve's kidney... is really Maya's kidney...?

Danny: The intern that was present at the operation was... You guessed it...

Maeda: The doctors that were present during the operation were all surprised and... they all screamed that the kidney was hot...!

Aya: Then... Eve is...

Maeda: It's hard for me to say, but the original was present in Maya. Eve killed the host brain, cultured the kidney and obtained her own physical body.

Aya: ...Then that's what happened to Melissa...

Maeda: In her case, the immunosuppressant drugs served to act as a catalyst. In Japan, Eve targeted a girl who had undergone a transplant... A kidney transplant, to be exact, and she was taking the same immunosuppressant drugs. This was all so that Eve would have a "uterus" to plant the fertilized egg... In order to transplant organs, it is necessary for the HLA type to match. It lives symbiotically with other cells. So it's necessary to take the immunosuppressants... to control the immunity and avoid rejection.

Danny: While being controlled by Eve, Melissa felt her body change. But she finally got the lead part in the opera. If she had gone to a doctor, she would've been told to give up the part. So in order to avoid rejection, she kept taking the drugs... and after taking so much...

Maeda: She was so weak that Eve was able to take over her physical body... And that's how she transformed into... "Mitochondria Eve".

I guess it's a good thing she's dead.

It's the suicide squad again.

The Navy takes off

The squad reaches the blob thingy

THE MITOCHONDRIAL GIANT! lensflares and turns into a giant glowing ball.

Not so sure about this attack plan now, are you Lt. Cannon Fodder?

The fun thing is, you can say that about anything. "Those CELLS took my cab! Those CELLS made me stay late at work. Those CELLS found my weed stash!"

Blob wins round 1

We all saw this coming. Even in the game, they saw this coming. Nobody didn't see it coming, and yet they still went through with this plan.

"Quick! Strike while the blob's killing everyone else!"

Again. How can you not see that coming? Magic glowing blue barriers are usually missile-proof.

You deserved that.

Oh, Maeda. The US stopped bombing Japanese people years ago!


And so, next time on PE: The final showdown.