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Part 45: Chapter Twelve - pt.3

Klara needed both Artemy and Daniel to carry out the ultimate scheme. This meant, both of them needed all their Adherents alive.

Only the Bachelor can convincingly present the advantages of Utopian solution to the leaders. To make him come to Cathedral for the last council, I must make sure that his Adherents are alive.

Bridge Square was a short way down a boulevard from Whirlpool; Cathedral and Horns were facing each other from its opposite sides...

Another dose of Powder had to change hands when she tried to get an audience with Maria... Even her mighty clan was suffering more than they cared to admit.

The Kain heiress seemed grateful enough to divulge some details on her and Bachelor’s plan.

I thank you. If it were not for you, I would have no future. The cause that I serve would fail without me.
So what future do you consider yours?
The town will be built anew. We shall move it over to the other side of Gorkhon. The earth there is free from disease. Nobody will interfere with us there. The Polyhedron will be the basis for the new settlement just as the Abattoir has been for this one. A new era will come to be.
I’m afraid this will never happen.
There are too few of us now. I can’t do it alone... Every man counts. Do you know how many of us have survived?
My work isn’t finished yet. There will be more.

Victor and Georg (or maybe «Nina» and «Simon») were fine. Was there anything left in their bodies for disease to feed on?

But Klara had to look at both of them personally just in case. Although she couldn’t work up the nerve to start a conversation with either.

Three Adherents in one swoop. The next closest-located Utopian would be... Mark, in his theatre that was just across Throat, back in Knots.
She decided to stop by the Cathedral and see if some of the participants were gathering already.

An executor blocked her way.

I cannot let you go any further, Impostress. Please don’t take it amiss. It’s just a formality, of course, but you still have Adherents to attend to. Was this tiny job too much effort for you?
Tiny? I have nine of them, and half of them make me sick.
Well, you only need seven. Nine Adherents – seven Chosen ones. Nine sinners – seven redeemed ones...
That’s no relief. Look at the others’ Adherents – and now compare them to what I’m stuck with!
So arrogant... And here I hoped that you would have enough strength of soul to love them as you love yourself.
I feel nothing but disgust for myself as well.
Anyway, rules are rules. You won’t be able to ignore this law, no matter how hard you try. Besides, such things are below you.
What if I manage to defeat the Law? It will no longer have power over me, right?
Let’s not dwell on empty theories. It is stupid. I could say that there are forces that are impossible to defeat without yielding to them first... but that’s neither here, nor there. You won’t make me change my mind. The town won’t survive without seven righteous men.
...All of them are safe. I’ve made sure of it.
Well, it’s still too early. The aces will meet to decide the fate of the poor town’s remains at seven o’clock in the evening. The Cathedral is closed for now.
Isn’t it seven yet?
No. It is not. You can catch a few winks while you’re waiting. Go visit Horns – it’s safe now, isn’t it? Maybe you’ll see something unusual in your sleep...
No way! I bet you’d love it if I overslept the council.
What’s the difference? Do as you like, what will it change? Go ahead, oversleep! Hell, die in your sleep for all I care. The choice is yours.

Klara retraced her steps across the bridge and entered the Lace Square. The theatre was also locked and guarded. But the executor didn’t demand medicine this time.

What, are you trying to tell me that you’ve saved all the Adherents? Surely you jest!
It’s not possible to save all of them... Some will certainly die. That’s the lay of the land.
Oh, it’s possible! At least for you, if I’m not mistaken. It is one of the perks of your great mission. A pleasant little nuance.
What about Eva, or the Olgimskys...?
Eva, the Olgimskys, even the Abattoir’s foreman. Hurry up. You have come here for a particular reason, haven’t you? Did you want to talk?
Yes, I did have several questions. I shall try to save everyone. This seems to be my fate... to save all these nobodies. Give me a little more time.
We’d love to, but it might object. Time is the only thing that we really can’t control. This was a hint, by the way.

So... basically Mark wouldn’t be available until the rest of the Utopians were safe.

In the eastern part of Knots, about in the middle between the Town Hall and the warehouses stood the Olgimsky mansion, Clot. Klara realized that she had almost made a full circle around town while looking for sick Adherents. Or rather, an eight. A horizontal eight.

Kapella had no time to be ill. Or have a conversation. She knew she wouldn’t be at the council anyway so she was moving on, busy with her mistressly duties. She and her town wouldn’t need to worry about exploding shells anymore.

South, through the central park by the side of the train station stood Younger Vlad’s shack.

Five days ago, when the government Inquisitor was just about to arrive, Vlad was terrified of his actions (that led to unnecessary loss of life in the Apiary) becoming known, and decided to clear his conscience and surrender to the Order.

When it turned out that the Inquisitor wasn’t interested in him at all, his remorse and desire for redemption got better immediately.

Klara was sure he would live happily on to a ripe old age.

On the opposite side of the rail station, at the tracks that led away from town, she found a lone wagon marked on her map, gave an executor a Powder and went in.

According to Haruspex, another of his Adherents, Mishka, was living there.

Mishka turned out to be a sickly, malnourished little girl.

I told you, I’m not playing with you anymore! You cheat. You use magic.
And what did I say?
You said you would never ever return, because you like me. Don’t you like me any more?
I do.

From the tracks to the storehouses nearby. The circle was complete. Of course, she would have to run around a bit more to get the rest of the Utopians and the children.

Klara entered the Dualsoul clubhouse and made certain that Notkin was feeling fine. She wondered if he still wanted her to join his gang.

She crossed the rail bridge into Land again, but this time she ran down the embankment on the other side and started along the riverbank.

She walked along Vein until she reached Stamatin’s pub next to Willows. The whole place was locked up and she knew why. Sneaking into his brother’s studio while he was still sick had backfired for Andrei. That meant she had to take another Powder from her rapidly shrinking stash.

Klara wondered if they were cool now. She had turned around on Humility, after all, and saved his life more than once. He probably would have loved the plan she was going to choose – knowing him, he would probably volunteer to give his blood as well! But that would be against the Rules.

She continued her journey along Vein, until she reached the scaffolding-covered house with a view on Stem that belonged to Petr.

The inebriate genius had recovered from his illness and the dangerous remedy; he looked aware and ready for whatever would come next. Maybe his tower would serve the purpose he intended it for; maybe it wouldn’t. Klara couldn’t guarantee it, but she would give it the chance.

Alive are the creators and guardians of the tower of mirrors, the fragile Polyhedron, where the fleeting childhood still lives. The Bachelor will be at the Cathedral, to take part in the last council. There he can defend his solution if I give him the right.

As she was writing down that part, she found a piece of paper stuck between the notebook’s pages.

We wish to say goodbye to you. Farewell! You were the most interesting one. If you want to talk to us, come to the Polyhedron. Just don’t confuse the facets, or you will get the wrong place! We are at the very bottom, in the middle. Count to five, and you will see us under a lantern.
Your friends are here too; there are nine of them – they wish to say goodbye to you too. Have you spoken to them? Don’t forget about them, they are scared and they miss you.