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Part 2: Part Two: We Actually Get To Do Something

Part Two: We Actually Get To Do Something

The scene re-opens on a young woman stepping off an elevator. She is almost immediately accosted by another woman, which makes me wonder if she was just standing there creepily waiting for her the entire time.

We just got a letter, wonder who it's from?

Hey, doesn't she look familiar? ...naah. Maya heads over to her desk to read the letter. Mail's always a good thing, right?

...guess not. Some reporter guy comes up to Maya, interrupting her plan to wash her hands several thousand times. She doesn't know where that thing's been.

Maya is surprisingly cool about his whining, especially for the silent protagonist type: she puts her hand on the guy's shoulder comfortingly then strolls off to meet with the Chief.


I'm...just not going to think about this too hard.



Note that there's no option that allows for slapping her face off, which was a huge oversight on the part of the developers.

Oh, those kids and their serial killings.


With this last bit of bitchery, we're finally given control. What's the most obvious first course of action? Open the menu!

Moving right along, Maya decides to try and talk Mizuno into being less of a whore.

She fails. Upon heading out, Yuki's waiting for her...again.

Yuki was a playable character in both of the previous Persona games; she threw razors in combat and used fire-based magic with her Persona Vesta. Here, she's only got a supporting role.

Maya notes the sheer stylishness of Yuki's hat and plans to steal it later on, then proceeds to go chat with the rest of the reporters in the office.


Maya isn't feeling too hot about her current assignment at this point.

Oh god now he's going to go all Ladder Theory on the rest of the office.

This woman babbles about Wang Long for a few text boxes. Get used to this. Summed up, she says:
Do you know that Guardian Dragon stuff all the girls are talking about over the net? It's a Feng Shui style, "Wang Long" made easier to understand. It gives really accurate readings. Wang Long is a fortune telling style where you use the movement of 12 dragons sent from the Heavens to predict your future. It's actually an energy flow like "Chi-Myaku". So if you're good, good things happen. If you're bad, well you know...There's no escaping fate, I guess.
Moving right along:

And I was wondering why she'd never married. Next up is Yuki again:

"Let's be positive!" is Maya's catchphrase. Expect to see it often. This is also significant later on, so no forgetting, k?

...How do you get "Mackey" from Maya? Anyway, Maya's hoping to get the hell out of here and finish her work so she can head off to the party, but Yuki cockblocks as best she can:

After a bit of random walking and talking to people again, though...

...Maya heads downstairs to meet up with Miss Serizawa.

Ulala would be the most awesome character ever if this entire game wasn't filled to the brim with awesome characters. Their conversation, summed up:
WHAT? What do you mean you have to work!? Don't give me weren't planning on going anyway, huh? Oh, I know what it is. You're still thinking about your "Deja Vu Boy", huh? Ka---! I told you to just forget about him! Besides, how close can you be to a boy that you met in a train station? Even if you felt you've met him before...What? You're not kidding about this work thing? I've got an idea! Let me come with you! You'll be able to finish your work in half the time, and we might still make it.

Before we head off to Seven Sisters, we crack open the menu for another look...

...and that's that.

COMING UP NEXT: If you thought your high school sucked...