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Part 9: Part Eight: Get High On My Mountain Of Love.

Part Eight: Get High On My Mountain Of Love.

Last time on Persona 2...

Maya and friends screwed around with reality willy-nilly as they spread rumors and explored the Rengedai district of Sumaru City. When fucking with rumors got old, they decided they might as well get back to work, so it's off to Mt. Mifune and the Sanitarium, where the group hopes to meet Tatsuzou Sudou's son.

See? Mt. Mifune.

I don't understand how they can keep their doors open, most of their beds are empty. This doesn't bode well. On the way up to the Sanitarium, they run into an odd-looking security guard.

Katsuya: Accident? Have you contaced the police?
Security Guard: Not yet, it just happened. Now move along!
Katsuya: ...There's nothing we can do...I understand, thank you.

The team heads back to talk about this turn of events.

Baofu: This is suspicious. There's another road down at the bottom of the hill. It's longer, but it leads to the back.
Katsuya: Alright, let's take that.

Yup, it's dungeon time. This is the first time we've had Baofu with us in combat. His first spell is the Wind spell Garu; this comes in handy for fusions, like so:

That's Towering Inferno; it's basically Stone Rise but with fire.

And this is Hydro Boost - Stone Rise, now with water!

Here's Wind Blade; see above, replace "water" and "fire" with "wind". Having a fusion attack of each primary element comes in handy, as this is where we start seeing a bunch of enemies that reflect and absorb certain elements. Of course, we can't just kill everything, we need to meet the locals as well.

Kids these days and their being zombified.

Certain demons, like our buddy here, won't contact you no matter what. This can be a pain when you want to avoid battles by contacting demons instead. We hit the mother lode with the third demon in this encounter, though - it actually responds! Time to see Baofu do his thing.

Yes, he tries to blackmail the demons. Using wiretaps of their phone conversations. If there is a better way to deal with forces from beyond Hell, I have not yet discovered it.

Rather than successfully blackmailing the little fairy thing, he...impresses it with his tape recorder. Whatever works, I suppose.

Baofu, however, doesn't take any shit from little fairy things.

Let's see if Katsuya's help can make Baofu's negotiation attempts more successful.

He starts out just like before, but...

...Katsuya leaps in with a cockblock of epic proportions.

Katsuya's faggotry manages to piss the fairy thing off.

Baofu manages to save the day with a snappy answer to a stupid question, however. This time, he brings Maya in for the assist - Katsuya clearly has no idea what he's doing.

This evokes Interest again, much like Baofu alone did. Finally, Baofu teams up with Ulala.

Ulala, however, is sick of Baofu's shit, so he ends up doing the contact alone. This evokes Interest a third time...

...which nets us ten Lovers cards. Back in the dungeon, we stumble across a box full of stuff!

...and by "full of stuff", I mean it's got three Antidotes inside. These do exactly what you think they do. Shorly after digging through the box, we run into another talkative demon.

Since Baofu and Ulala didn't work, let's try Ulala and Baofu instead.

Baofu performs an impressive at Ulala's expense. OH SHIT SON.

The demon apparently thought it was pretty funny, too. Now we'll try Maya, Katsuya, and Baofu.

Baofu doesn't even try to be anything but a huge dick here. This evokes Joy, apparently because demons like assholes. Next up is Maya, Ulala, and Baofu.

*sigh* Women and their beauty contests. This evokes Joy for the third time, so we contract with Nightmare and move on.

What the fuck is this thing?

Here's another kind of Mutation - it does just what it sounds like. Very handy in the case of new or slow-levelling Personas; Odysseus is both, incidentally, so this is pretty good luck.

We come across an Aqua card in a box lying around - more good luck, as this would run us about half of our current bank account at the Time Castle.

Lucky Bags cure possession; it's nice that they left some lying around, as Baofu had been possessed earlier. Possession causes the character to stop listening to orders and participating in fusions. Instead, they cast random spells based on whatever possessed them - in Baofu's case it was a demon with lightning magic, so he'd cast that and break up my well-planned fusion spells.

Snuff Souls restore SP, but it regenerates quickly by itself as you walk around, so they're mostly handy for extended combat or boss fights. Shortly after finding the various chests, we come across an inquisitive squirrel demon.

Maya writes for a teen magazine, not the damn Enquirer.

The squirrel is thankful to find out that aliens don't exist. Whew, sure dodged a bullet there. We proceed to evoke Interest from the squirrel and win eight Hermit cards as a reward. After a bit more walking around in the mountains...

Stop your whining! Here, talk to some more demons, it'll take your mind off food. We set up Katsuya and Ulala together.

I'm a bit concerned as to what you're wondering about, honestly. After that enlightening conversation, we continue to explore the mountains, and come across...

...this STR Incense Card. Incense Cards can be used along with Spell Cards when creating Personas - they give boosts to their respective stats. Not bad, but not hugely special, either. We also find...

...this Obsidian. Obsidian? What in the world can we do with that?

We also come across three Medicines, which are basically useless HP restoring items. Maya can do everything these can do, more effectively and cheaper. Continuing along from the Medicines, we go through several hidden passageways and come to...

...this sign, with a small shrine set up right next to it. "Suou"? Wonder why that name sounds so familiar.

The shrine wants money, just like the cat back at Kuzunoha did. Maya's feeling a lot more generous now, so she offers ten thousand Yen, one hundred at a time. This takes awhile.

Looks like we've done our good deed for the day. We pick up one more fusion spell, thanks to Odysseus' new Ninety-Nine Needles spell...

(Venomous Needle, if you were curious, formed from Poisma followed by Ninety-Nine Needles)

...and finally arrive at the rear entrance to the Sanitarium. That was quite the trip, but hey, at least we're finally here; I'm sure the staff will take us right to Tatsu--


COMING UP NEXT: Criminals, demons, and poetry.