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Part 20: Intermission Two: The Moment You've All Been Waiting For

Intermission Two: The Moment You've All Been Waiting For

Last time on Persona 2...

I made you all solve a stupid puzzle for me. Bwahaha.

GrandpaPants' answer was correct, and he even provided a very helpful explanation as to how he came to it.

Solving the puzzle wins us an Akashic Ring; these items are incredibly rare, but they have no use for the moment, so we tuck it away somewhere safe in order to put it to work later.
Do you know what flowers think of? We're not much different from humans. We fall in love...become sad...and repeat the process. And yes, it applies to me as well...Fall in love with one...desert another...Love is splendid, but at the same time, it is painful. Don't you look for answers because you fear love? Don't you rely on fortunes because your love is uncertain? ...Flowers are the same.
The speech was kinda nice as well. Oh, and if we had gotten it wrong, the flower would've sprayed us all with poison and refused to speak to us again. Yuck.

The Rest Area where we were told to meet Sneak is a very short walk from the Purple Flower, so we didn't really have to go out of our way at all for this.

Sneak, a mysterious man in a brown trenchcoat, enters from the darkness.

Not just the Police...The media, and even the giant companies, have the roots of the "New World Order" spread around them...

Sneak: Obviously you're skeptical, but I gave you all that I know...

You go, Katsuya!
Sneak: No...! You alone are not capable of that!

Are we all nice and curious to find out about Katsuya and Tatsuya's Dad yet?

Sneak: I want you to find hard evidence of a conspiracy and exploit Tatsuzou. Not all the police and government are in his hands. There are people other than you who are investigating the organization...

Sneak takes off immediately after leaving the photographs on the bench.

Maya heads over and picks them up. Wonder if they look familiar at all.
Ulala: Isn't this...voyeurism?
Baofu: It's just too fishy...I don't trust him.
Katsuya: No...I think we can trust him...That was the voice of a man atoning for his sins...

That's a surprisingly decent idea, so we head over to Kuzunoha.

Katsuya: You say...but we don't know what kind of people they are. It's not right to spread rumors about people you don't even know.
Chief Todoroki: But it has to be interesting to people, or it won't become a rumor. What kind of rumor are you going to use?

So if the two actually do show up, we have a picture of them, you know?

...wait, Maya said something?
Ulala: Hmph! And I suppose you've got a better idea...That's what I thought you long-haired freak. So, what do you think, Ma-Ya?

Maya's still a bit skeptical.

She wouldn't have paid for it if we had believed in it - sometimes skepticism has its rewards.

Okay guys, this is the Big Decision - the variation of the rumor that we spread now will affect the plot branch that we end up taking. I want votes as to which path to take; if you're going to name names, you should spoiler them. If anyone would like to post a SPOILER-FREE analysis of both paths for complete newbies to the game, feel free. I'll collect the votes and make a decision within the next day or so, so discuss!

COMING UP NEXT: A winner is who?!