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Part 38: Entry Thirty-Three: October 30th, 2009

Entry Thirty-Three: October 30th, 2009

Mood: Still sad
Music: MCR. I'm trying to ease the pain with rock and roll.

Well...Shinjiro's still dead, Mamoru's still gone, and I'm still losing friends at an astounding rate. My life is a goddamn mess.

For instance, Akinari's still slowly dying of his genetic disease.

Akinari: This was the alligator's first friend, and he was very happy. They started going to the river every day, and the little bird would sing while the alligator listened. But again, the alligator couldn't catch food easily because of his color. Pink is such an odd color, his prey in the jungle saw him from far away and had plenty of time to escape. He became so hungry that he was dizzy most of the time...and he accidentally ate the bird one afternoon as it slept in his mouth.

Akinari: He drank swamp water to induce vomiting, but the bird was already dead when he retrieved it. After that, he couldn't bring himself to eat anything. That's as far as I've written. I haven't decided on an ending.

Akinari: That was a lie. I was writing my will. I couldn't face reality, and I was essentially screaming curses into my notebook. But for now, I'm writing my story in the same notebook.

Akinari: When it's done, I want you to read it. I mean, meeting you is the main reason I started writing it.

I found myself wondering how long Akinari had left.

I also wonder if he'll be able to finish his story before then...

The next day, we found out how we did on our exams.

I wasn't all too surprised by how I did, to be honest...

...and that afternoon I went to go see President Tanaka.

Tanaka: If you put all your money in the bank, your modest gains will be offset by outrageous fees! Don't let the fear of bankruptcy dissuade you! You have to be aggressive in the management of your assets!

Tanaka: Since our scales have been skyrocketing, we decided to sell shares. And guess what? The number of shareholders skyrocketed too. Listen, this is the funny part...the majority of our shareholders are also our customers! They keep buying more of our products, so of course the stock will rise! Isn't that hysterical?! You should learn to appreciate the irony.

Does he realize I'm walking around with around seven hundred grand by looting a horrible monster dungeon?

...Probably not.

...And I get the feeling it's probably best if he continues to not know.

He's also still creepy.

The next day, I slept through class and had a vision as I did so...

Natsuki: Talk to me. Tell me what's bothering you.
Fuuka: It's about Aragaki-senpai...
Natsuki: Oh...pretty shocking, huh? I've never seen him at school, but I've seen him around town...I wonder if he really did get caught up in some kind of crime.
Fuuka: Some things you can never get back...I know that, from all the things that have happened with my parents. I've sort of been avoiding the question, but is it okay for me to go on like this?
Natsuki: Parents, huh...? I can relate to that. But you'll be okay, right?

Natsuki: Yeah, yeah.
Mr. Ekoda: Don't you want to give your classmates a proper goodbye?
Fuuka: Huh? What's going on?

Fuuka: WHAT?!

At lunchtime, I was still snoozin' away, apparently...Fuuka and Natsuki had went up to the rooftop.

Fuuka: You're transferring...and you didn't say anything?
Natsuki: It's not like telling you would've changed anything. Why make us both depressed? Anyway, my dad's pretty sick and they say it'll take some time for him to recover...we don't really have that much money, so we can't afford to stay here. Y'know, I still think you're crazy for being friends with someone ilke me...but like I said before, we're both in the same boat.

Natsuki: That's why I was so jealous when you moved into the dorm.
Fuuka: Natsuki-chan...
Natsuki: But Fuuka, your house is nearby and your parents are pretty normal. So why'd you move?
Fuuka: Huh? Well, um...
Natsuki: If you don't wanna tell me, that's okay. But if it's something that you and your folks can work out, then do it while you have the chance. It'll be awhile before my dad's in any condition for us to have a heart-to-heart.
Fuuka: ...

Natsuki: Y'know, Fuuka...I used to think that every day was just the same. And I'm only saying this because it's you, but you don't get any second chances in life. If you accept the way things are, then they'll never change.

Natsuki: I won't be in school next week 'cause I'll be packing, so I guess this is goodbye.
Fuuka: No!!
Natsuki: Haha, it's okay. Everything will be alright. C'mon, don't gimme that look...
Fuuka: But...
Natsuki: Hey, I'm not helpless, y'know. I've changed a lot since I met you. I'm gonna try and figure out what I really want now, and I hope you do the same.

Fuuka: I used to try and please everyone...I was afraid of not being liked, so I did my best to fit in, but I never really thought about what I wanted.
Natsuki: Hahaha. That is so like you, Fuuka. Well I say if they don't accept you for who you are, then screw 'em. But I like you...even if you don't like yourself.
Fuuka: Natsuki-chan...

Natsuki walked off, leaving Fuuka alone on the roof.

All of a sudden, she got a text message.

Fuuka: Natsuki-chan..."Even if we're apart, we'll still be connected." It all makes sense now...I've always been so worried about how others are feeling...that's why my power allows me to stay connected with them. I guess there is something I want after makes me happy to see everyone else happy, too.

Fuuka had reached an epiphany...

...and just as with Akihiko and Ken...

...her Persona recognized this, and responded in kind.

The others had woke me up by then, and we'd all went to the roof together.

Aigis: It is surprising to find you on the rooftop.
Junpei: Nah, we were just wondering what you were up to.
Fuuka: Everything's okay now.

Everyone acts a little weird after having a life-changing experience, I guess.

Junpei: Uh, are you sure you're alright?

I hung out with Bebe that day after school...

and checked out Fuuka's new Persona that evening. Lucia had become Juno, gaining...well, more of the same stuff, really. (For a laugh, note Fuuka's atrocious battle stats.)

I went to Fashion Club again the next day...

...and the day after that found Yukari acting strangely.

(This is a bad situation called a Reverse, and it happens when you ignore a Link for too long. When a Link is Reversed, you need to spend a day hanging out with that person to fix it; until you do, you don't gain the power boost for Personas of their Arcana that you usually do. This is also the reason we don't date more than one girl at a time.)

Since something had apparently crawled up her ass, I went to go get my gift from the Chairman for acing exams...

...and hung out with Chihiro instead.

There was more Fashion Club the next day.

Bebe: Hmm...zat cheap material 'as been transformed! Wizout your 'elp I would probably be back 'ome already...but because of you, Minato-sama, I was able to finish zis kimono! Arigatou! Zank you for your kind words! I can forget about my aches and pains now!

Bebe: I 'ave met many people in Nihon, but you are ze best tomodachi I 'ave 'ere! If my aunt was still alive, I would tell her about ze wonderful friend I 'ave made...subarashii!

The time was drawing closer and closer...

...and it was becoming painfully obvious that Bebe would be leaving soon. It hurt.

Bebe: I am so tired zat I zink I see my aunt! Zis is ze last part...I can't give up! Ready, set...GO!

I didn't show Bebe how sad I was; instead, I went home to rest.

The next day I had another vision; this one featured Yukari and Mitsuru.

Yukari: Yes. The teacher asked for a report...
Mitsuru: I see. Then you must be busy.
Yukari: Um, not least not compared to you. ...I wanted to ask you something. Senpai...why did you decide to fight?
Mitsuru: Well, I...I guess you could say it's my way of atoning for the past.
Yukari: I see. Well, in my case, I don't really have a reason anymore, if I'm being honest.

Yukari: But I was thinking maybe I could erase the mistakes he left behind...
Mitsuru: ...
Yukari: I guess I should've thought about this earlier, huh? Why didn't I question myself sooner?

Yukari: But it seems like everyone has their own reason for the end, defeating the Shadows is all that really matters, isn't it?
Mitsuru: What are you trying to say?
Yukari: I'm not exactly'll all be over after the next full moon, but I'll probably still be trying to figure it out.
Mitsuru: Maybe so, but at least then we'll be able to return to a normal school life.

Yukari: No, that's okay. Thanks for listening.

I hung out with Yuko that day...

...and the next was a Sunday, so I went to see Akinari at the shrine.

Akinari: It's calming down. Thanks.

Akinari: I know, I's only speeding things along, medicine makes me drowsy, and if my hands go numb, then I can't write anything. I have to finish my story.

Akinari: I get lost in my writing...erase it...and then don't know where to go next. When we're talking, I have a clearer picture. I can almost see seems like that might be the meaning of life for me.

Akinari: Well, if I do find it and finish the story, I hope we get a little more time together after that.

I hope we do too, now that I think about it.

All I can hope for now is that he holds on as long as he can.

The next day I went to see Tanaka again.

Tanaka: Oops, I forgot. You're underage. If you're curious, go ask one of your friends...but not a girl, unless you want to get slapped. Our company has introduced a special filter for digital cameras. Simply attach it to your camera and voila! Start peeping!

Tanaka: It's been selling like hotcakes! In fact, it's our number one seller! Unfortunately, customers have been complaining that it doesn't work. I told my employees to just ignore them. Nowhere does it guaruntee that you'll be able to see anything, and it's not like anyone would actually admit they bought one.

Well, that's flattering...

...I guess.


The things I do for supernatural demonslaying powers.

I went to Fashion Club the next day...

...and that night, during the Dark Hour... popped up again.

Pharos: At last, the 12th one. Are you ready?

Pharos: But it's a bit soon to be reminiscing.

Pharos: Be careful now...

More Fashion Club the next day...

...Kenji the day after that...

...and finally, earlier today...

Bebe: I 'ave no complaints! When my uncle sees zis, he will surely let me come back to Nihon! It eez time for 'im to concede! I must 'urry up and go see 'im!

I admit I teared up a little bit, but I held together like a real man.

Bebe: I will not give in to my uncle! ...Minato-sama...

Bebe: I made it from ze leftover material. It eez a sign of our friendship! Onegaishimasu...please...

I told him I would, no matter how long it took...

...and that I'd expect to see him again one day.

We shared a good, macho cry together. It was very tough and gritty.

You'd have thought we were pumping iron.

And I know already that I'll never forget Bebe...

(Byakko is one of the Four Symbols, a group of Chinese constellations that represent the four cardinal directions. Byakko is the White Tiger and represents the West.)

...because he taught me what it means to be a real man.

I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now.

Coming up in the next entry: Less talk, more fight!