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Original Thread: My Life is a Goddamn Mess (Persona 3)



Persona 3 is a JRPG released by Atlus in 2007. It is the fourth game in the moderately-popular Persona series of RPGs That Fuck With Your Head, and is probably most well-known for the...interesting way in which your characters do battle. It's also got a very cool hip-hop/urban aesthetic going on that makes it unlike most other RPGs out there. I'll let the game speak for itself for the most part.

This will be a hybrid LP, mostly screenshots with video for cutscenes and bosses. I'll be assisted in this endeavor by Syrg, who will be playing in parallel. There will also be a very large amount of viewer interaction, as the game lends itself well to it. I would appreciate if people who have already played through this refrain from too many spoilers.

There's some pretty fucked-up stuff on Livejournal. I'm probably not telling anyone something they don't already know, but it's true. In particular, there's a certain journal I found awhile back and had the pleasure (?) of looking through. "RaMeNbOi1990"'s journal, entitled "My Life is a Goddamn Mess", is...well, it's an entertaining read at best. At worst it's a tiny bit scary.

I'm not sure why, but as I was reading I had the bright idea of saving all the pages locally. Archiving them, I guess, in case something happened. Something did end up happening, too, and now you can't find any traces of this guy on Livejournal or, for that matter, anywhere else on the Internet. Since then I've been doing my own research into the journal, the person who made it, and what apparently took place (or rather, will take place) in and around Gekkoukan High School. I post it here in the hopes that some of you have a better idea of what's going on than I do.

RaMeNbOi1990 (hereafter "RB90", though his real name apparently is/was Minato Arisato) was pretty heavily into art, it seems, so his style of posting used a lot of visual media mixed in with the text, and I managed to archive the majority of this as well. I'll begin by posting a couple of animated videos made by RB90 and included as his first Livejournal entry. I don't think he was all too clear on how LJ worked at the time, since this is the entirety of that first entry - he figures out what he's doing soon after, no worries. I will also be adding my commentary on certain sections as we proceed through the entries, and will denote where I am doing so as necessary.

Note that RB90 also had a tendency of asking his Livejournal friends what he should do in a given situation, and we will be approximating this here. It might seem like this would have no bearing on an archived journal, but it's part of my studies into the events RB90 describes, so just humor me and vote as necessary please. Without further ado...

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