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Part 55: Entry ?: March 5th, 2010

Entry ?: March 5th, 2010

(Something's kind of...I don't really know how to put it, but the archive is acting odd. I'm not sure what exactly the problem is; this hasn't happened before. Hopefully it won't affect this, the final entry, however.)

Hi everybody! My name is Minato, and this is my new LiveJournal! I'm not sure why I went with "ramenboi1990" for my username, but hey, it works for me!

I'm an artist, so I tend to do a lot of drawings in my spare time, and I'll probably post a bunch here. This is my buddy Junpei, for instance! He lives in the same dorm as I do.

He's a fun loving kind of guy, never seems to worry about anything. Oh yeah, I didn't mention it, but the school year's almost over! We'll be seniors soon.

I'm pretty psyched, to tell you the truth.

After our senior year, I'm off to college! I've got a lot to look forward to.

Anyway, get this. A few days ago, I saw this weird blonde girl staring at Junpei and I at school...

...maybe she was checking us out?

Oh, this is my other friend Yukari. She lives in the same dorm as Junpei and I, too.

Apparently so does that blonde girl, but...

...not even Yukari knows her.

Oh well.

Oh yeah, the seniors are graduating, so that means that the silver-haired guy who lives here is moving out soon. Captain of the boxing team or something, real tough guy. I doubt I'd like him very much, since I'm the sensitive artist type...or something.

The other guys didn't know him very well, either. Oh, the class president lives at our dorm too, and she's also gonna move out.

Anyway, Yukari tried to strike up a conversation with that blonde girl...

...but I guess she's pretty shy or something.

I agree with Junpei; we're nice-looking guys, she's probably got a crush on one of us but can't tell us.

Yukari doesn't think so though.

Everything's been going great lately, I gotta tell ya. No worries about anything.

Anyway, today was Graduation Day.

We had an assembly, and Kirijo-senpai gave a speech.

Kirijo-senpai: When I first addressed you from this podium, I spoke to you all about seizing opportunity while you had the chance. Well, it must have been fate that intervened and gave me an important reminder of this...

Kirijo-senpai: Few people can be that strong. There are times when we cannot stand without the support of others...after my father's death, I recieved kind words from many people.

I really think she's right. There are certain things that people just can't handle, y'know? You've gotta have something to fall back on in times like this.

She even teared up a little at the end.

We were all pretty impressed with her speech and how heartfelt it was.

Oh yeah...remember that girl I mentioned earlier? We didn't see her anywhere at the assembly.

Junpei's kind of a slacker...heh.

We talked a little bit about our plans for the future...

...but to be honest, none of us really had any yet.

Yukari's Dad is gone too, huh? So are mine...they died in a car accident awhile back. It sucks, but it's been ten years ago now, and I think I've come pretty far since then.

Anyway, about our plans for the future...Yukari said that we didn't have to worry about it right now, and she's right: we don't.

It's not like there's any hurry, right? We've got at least a year, and like she says...

...high school's more than enough to worry about.

Thinking too hard about the future just leads to tears; sometimes the best policy is to just go with the flow and accept things as they come.

Just enjoy life.

Seize the day and all that.

We're just kids, I don't think any of us are strong enough to worry about that kind of thing yet. Once high school is over, then hey, maybe we can work on everything else.

Even Junpei agrees in his own slightly dopey way!

We've got a break ahead of us, too... it's not like we've gotta worry about anything for a long, long time.

Anyway, we've got a graduation party going on tonight... I've gotta get ready for that.

Keep it real, everyone, and like I said: just relax! We've got our whole lives ahead of us!