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Part 10: Entry Eight-point-Five: May 23th, 2009

Entry Eight-point-Five: May 23, 2009
Posted by: Junpei Iori

Mood: Frisky
Music: Some thing Minato sent me... pretty funny

Aww, yeah, your boy Junpei's rolling in it, boys! You all know how I've gotta hold Yukari off at arm's length so she's not jumping me, and guess what? There's a new lady sniffing around my doorstep! Looks like Yuka-tan'd better watch out...

But wait, it's been some time since I posted. Let me pick up from where I left off. You guys heard about the time I saved everyone, but the aftermath was all kinds of weird.

Minato, the new kid? Yeah, he was all shaken up, but I made sure he kept his cool (who better to learn from, eh?), couldn't have him freaking out and drawing attention to us, amiright? Yeah, so I made sure he was chill, and it's a good thing, because man, you know how bad he freaked when we got to class that day?

Yeah, midterms were around the corner. Now, so many people freak when they hit, but not me. I was ready, no need to sweat bullets like some people (what the hell, how'd that get there?) did all throughout the week. Hell, the teacher knew I was ready. He held me up as a shining example of the teaching he'd done throughout the semester!

So yeah, I earned my time off, just waiting for the test, getting my mack on, all that good stuff, you know. Good thing someone in the dorms was level-headed, because man, Minato, between you and me? Dude freaked out.

I watched him try and get into a locked room, at one point... I got a picture of it, it was too funny. I guess when you're panicking, it's hard to tell doors apart, but geez... the library's not even on the same floor as the room he wanted in!

Poor dude. He'd been slacking off all semester, coasting by in classes with my help, and now look at him. Locking himself in the library, so far behind that he couldn't find anyone else in a hole that deep to study with! I tried to get him to just relax ONE DAY, but no, he just walked past me, muttering about "voices" and "a little more in Academics". It's pitiful. Dude's gonna burn out before finals, if he's getting this worked up halfway into the semester.

When I finished, uh... well, let's not be crude. "Later that night", you could say, I asked Yukari to try and talk some sense into him the next day. She confronted him in front of school... man, have I mentioned I feel sorry for the dude? Only reason he's got a reputation as a player is because I let him have my sloppy seconds, and yet he showboats while I keep it suave... that ain't right, y'know?

Oh, shit, this is another good one I got of him: you know how bad off you are when KENJI is taking it easy, and you're spazzin' out? Seriously, I've gotta trust this dude with my life, folks! Lucky for everyone he lets me do my thing in battle, otherwise we'd all be screwed.

Man, he was so bad off I had to take him to the nurse, he was looking so pale. Dunno what the guy gave him (pfft, me get sick enough to need his help? please!), but he came out looking like he sold his soul for a cure, damn. Ah well. Not everyone is God's gift to the ladies, and I like it that way... as do the ladies, up until there's not enough of me to go around!

(Speaking of, dude's been trying that pheremone coffee at the cafe recently. Really, dude? C'mon, it's a scam! You've gotta grow a pair on your own, not fork off your money to those con artists!)

So some of you are probably like "Junpei, get to it, man, what is this about a new lady, why you talkin' about this guy so much?" Well, because like I said, they think he knows how to lead... but man, he's so screwed up right now? Dude wants to slack on saving the world to try and get that F up to a C! Well, I was having none of this shit. I made sure to have Mitsuru tell him to shape up when we were alone... oh yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about.

Man, I know she's been at this a while, but DAMN, I didn't expect her to slut it up to keep him together! Still, makes a lot of sense... you know she's all over me for my... brains... right? Yeaaaaaaaah.

(Between you and me? I don't think her promise is gonna do a thing to help him... I mean, he's hanging out with Bebe, for one thing, and when Akihiko was trying to talk shop, say he'd be back in the field soon? Dude was just... well, shit, he was ogling the guy! I know he's a friggin' legend in the ring, but what the hell? There's a pat on the back, and then there's THIS.)

So yeah, I've been quiet lately, I know (two weeks? My bad, seriously), but I had to keep everything together! I even made sure to keep him from breaking down when nobody looked by tapping an answer or two to him. Hey, if he turns down Mitsuru, at least I know to keep my zipper tight around him...

But when all was said and done, he knew the score. Thanked me for my help, in front of everyone but the teacher. He knows his place, if nothing else, and thank god for that! (Still, though, makes me wonder... how does that work? I can't see Bebe being a top, but he bows to me so fast I'd swear his legs were paper... who's the dom in that pair, anyway?)

Still, though, a quick note in his bag one morning, and he picked up the hint: never too early to look for a beard, y'know? Rumor only lasts so long, and at some point, people are gonna realize that for how often he's seen AROUND the ladies, he's never WITH them. So I pulled some strings, flexed some of my charm, and hooked him up with the most boyish chick I could find... you know, more to his tastes. (Personally, I think he'd prefer Hidetoshi, myself... so strict.)

Sure, I'm not perfect, I know that. But I plan ahead! I knew Chihiro'd chicken out, and so I made sure to just wave a few bills when he wasn't looking... yeah, she knew the score then. All she had to do was parade him around town for a day or two, let the buzz spread some, and we'd be golden. I know her too well... she's got vices, and no cash to cover the checks her mouth keeps writing. Lucky for her I have a heart of gold for a good hook- wait, that's not how the saying goes.

Granted, everyone knows a ho is only as good as her last payment, and so I took some snapshots to keep her in line if she starts acting up. Man, you know how it is. Can't trust a girl with glasses. I figure this bit where he starts spacing out's good. I can say she drugged him on the way or some shit, tried to take advantage when nobody else was around. Photoshop and I will make sure this works out!

But yeah, let's get back to the main subject: new chick in the dorm! They found another Persona-user.

They're still in the air about whether to bring her in or not, but who cares? If she knows about us, I can still work my magic... the Dark Hour is for lovers, baby! Man, too bad Yuka-tan is so paranoid. She got all threatened by this. It's cool. I mean, I can be shared... let's see how far I can go, eh?

Oh yeah. Life is looking good for me now...

It's probably best we can't find much of his journal.

Based on current research, here's what we have on Minato's status: