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Part 35: Entry Thirty: October 3rd, 2009

Entry Thirty: October 3rd, 2009

Mood: Anxious
Music: I'm trying a little Nightwish this time to see if it chills me out.

Unfortunately, the music thing isn't working as far as chilling me out before the Ordeal goes, so instead it looks like I'm blogging once again. I seriously think I'm addicted or something...

Anyway, after I wrote last time, we ended up going to Tartarus.

Before I even went in, I did my first Cross Fusion, combining the various members of the Frost family with Queen Mab... produce Black Frost, who is fucking badass.

His main strength is his resistance to both Ice and Fire, but he's also got a great variety of attack skills and inherited Recarm, so he's nice to fall back on. Also, he's motherfucking Black Frost. Just look at him.

I also made a few filler Personas for fusion fodder and to fill out the Compedium; Loa, for instance...

...and Leanan Sidhe.

Oh, when I showed Elizabeth Black Frost, she was so awed that she gave me a Wizard's Mark for free. That's how awesome he is.

Anyway, up we went into the fourth block, Tziah...

...taking out Shadows on the way.

This one's new; the Tranquil Idol liked to use Hama skills to instantly kill us, which was a serious problem for me since I was using Black Frost. I switched Personas as soon as possible when we ran into them.

These Hakurou Mushas were samurai-like Shadows that had an annoying tendency to dodge physical attacks. Mudo worked like a charm on them, though.

There was also a Shadow shaped like a tank, of all things. They looked scary, but Zio skills and All-Out Attacks worked great on them, and they didn't roam in packs.

Constancy Relics are pretty nondescript, though Junpei had a field day with them thanks to their weakness to Fire.

I had trouble getting a good look at these Blue Sigils; they were surrounded by a rotating cube of paper that obsured our vision and make it difficult to target them. They were only dangerous to Akihiko, though, since they only had Ice skills.

Elegant Mothers were kind of disturbing, but fortunately they were easy to take out, too.

Before long, we got to the next Guardian...

Tartarus Boss 12 - Arcane Turrets (These guys aren't too tough; they're weak to Ice, unlike standard Arcane Turrets who are weak to Electricity, so a few shots of Bufu and some All-Out Attacks will make short work of them.)

After we brought down the Turrets, we kept on going up. I'd taken up using a bludgeon like Shinjiro; I like to think I'm pretty good with it, but it's not like it takes a lot of practice to learn how to squash things.

I also made a few more Personas; Saki Mitama was a support-centered Persona that'd come in handy later... was Parvati.

Parvati learned another of those handy mass support skills, too.

Rangda focused on debilitating skills, which really wasn't that handy...

...but fused well into Ananta, who was better able to utilize those skills and gave me a nice strength boost besides.

Nandi wasn't really intended for combat; instead, I made him to relate better to Mamoru when we hung out.

Even Fuuka learned some new skills - Healing Wave kept us going by restoring some HP and SP every time we changed floors.

We ran into another Guardian a few floors up...

Tartarus Boss 13 - Sleeping Table (This one, on the other hand, is a massive pain in the ass. It does a ton of damage with Maragidyne and Megidola, and without Mediarahan to heal up you're basically screwed. This means I had to grind for awhile before facing it; this is one of the few bosses where it helps.)

...and after that, we reached the top of the currently open area and found the sixth Old Document.

I knew it. These Shadows arise due to human emotion. If I'm right, collecting them will...

Everyone was beat after that, so we wrapped it up for the night.

The next day was a Sunday, so I went to go see Akinari.

Akinari: I thought I'd be fine since I have many nights when I'm unable to sleep because of my illness, but...I guess my condition won't improve if I keep taking chances. I came all this way because I was hoping to find you...remember how I talked about reading upbeat stories?

Akinari: The problem is, all those stories were written for someone else. I guess what I'm saying is selfish, but I'm being selfish about you, too. You're always coming to see me, and I take up a lot of your much of your valuable time have you used on visiting me?

Nice to hear I'm a light in this guy's life...

...he really doesn't seem to have much else.

I'm glad I met him just because of that.

That night, you-know-who showed up again.

Pharos: I hope nothing serious happens. But who knows what the future will be careful. Remember, I'm always watching you...we'll meet again.

I hung out with Mamoru the next afternoon, but it didn't go anywhere...

...likewise with Bebe the next day...

...and a couple days after that, I hung out with Mamoru again.

Mamoru: Yum...oh man, just a few more. This is kind of just what I do...I like to eat pretty fast.

Mamoru: That was pretty fast compared to my record. Anyways, Minato...

There's going to be a coach there from a big athletic college. You know what that means? If I do well enough, I might get a scholarship nod. Then I don't have to quit the Track Team...

Mamoru: We really didn't have the money. But then I hear about a chance at a you see now why it's such a big deal? If I win, I might be able to go to college after all! I bet my mother would be really relieved.

I told him it sounded like a good plan...

...and he agreed.

Mamoru: If he was still around, my brothers wouldn't have to worry about whether or not they'd get to eat every day. ...well, complaining isn't going to accomplish anything! I'll just have to hope for that reccomendation.

Wow, and I thought I was dedicated when it came to fighting Shadows...

...I guess we've all got our own stuff to deal with.

Speaking of dealing with stuff, I have to deal with sorting out my feelings for Bebe at some point before he leaves. Ugh.

I mean my totally platonic feelings for him, of course.

Nothing else.

Bebe: Hm, so far so good, ne? Right? When my uncle sees zis, I know he'll agree wiz me about how great Nihon eez!

Bebe: Arigatou! Zank you!

Yup, all that macho sewing is totally building up my pecs.

Even Mitsuru won't be able to resist me before long, yeah baby!

Anyway, today Ms. Toriumi reminded us all about the exams that were coming up (ugh)...

...and I hung out with Yuko after school. I have to admit I was pretty distracted...

...because tomorrow's another of those nights, and I don't have anything left to blog about to take my mind off it, not to mention this music's starting to drive me nuts.

Wish me luck, guys.

Coming up in the next entry: The sixth Ordeal, and...