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Part 107: New Game + and The Reaper

Persona 4: New Game +

Oh, Rise, are you EVER tired of being wrong?

So once you've gotten any actual ending, you can start a second cycle from the clear data. So what does this get you?

1- When you start a game with Clear Data you get to carry over your money, compendium, your twelve persona slots, the key items from social links, and your status (Courage, Knowledge, etc).
2- You do NOT get to keep your level, personas, or any other items than your social link key items.
3- You can call any persona from your compendium regardless of its level.
4- The Reaper will start appearing in treasure chests. While he'll be out of reach for much of the game once you can start defeating him he drops the best equipment in the game.
5- If you've seen the true ending you can fuse Izanagi-no-Okami. He's the only World persona in the game, and cannot be recorded in the Compendium. His stats are utterly ridiculous, and he's a whopping level 91.
6- If you've seen the true ending and max Empress in a later cycle you can fight the Bonus Boss.

On a second cycle your awesome personas should make everything up to Kunino-Sagiri a total joke even if you put it on Hard.

So let's talk for a sec about The Reaper and his awesome drops. If The Reaper is in a chest, it'll warn you before you try to open it and then warn you again. The first place you can fight The Reaper and probably defeat him is realistically Magatsu Inaba.

VIDEO- "The Reaper"

Guess How Quick I Kill This Jerk

Boss Battle: The Reaper
The Reaper is not nearly as bad as he was in P3. His big trick is that he'll start out the fight with a Mind Charge, which he'll usually waste on something dumb but one time in a million he'll use with Megidoloan. And that's largely it. As long as you can debilitate him his attacks are pretty toothless and he wastes a lot of time doing things like Breaking your immunities.

As I said, The Reaper drops the best equipment in the game. He will either drop a weapon, the Godly Robe armor, or very rarely an Omnipotent Orb. The trick with the weapons is that he only drops someone's weapon if they are in your party and you don't already have one. Godly Robes are incredible things that have massive defense and +10 to all stats that everyone can use. Omnipotent Orb is an accessory that makes you immune to everything but Almighty, which is awesome of course. It's much more common than it was in P3 but really there's not much point, because anything hard either uses almost all Almighty skills or will instantly destroy your party like the bonus boss if one is equipped.

Tune in next time for the Bonus Boss.