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Part 21: 5/21/11-5/22/11


Learn new things every day. Case in point, they get some mail-order show out of Tatsumi here.

Dark-Haired Girl: Have you been watching that mail-order show that's on TV every Sunday? I never miss it!
Athletic Girl: You really love those kinds of shows, don't you, Michi?
I remember that you said you bought a really flashy skimpy bathing suit last time...
When are you ever going to wear it?
Dark-Haired Girl: Oh, I'll wear it... when the time is right.

I smelled something sort of... strange when I was talking to Chie on the roof, which led to revelation two.

> Come to think of it, there was a woman looking for a snack that doesn't taste like a snack.
> Chie may know something...
A snack that doesn't taste like a snack...?
Hmmmm, I have no idea...
My snacks taste like snacks... You want some?
> You obtained Meat Gumx3 from Chie.
> You should try giving this to the woman...
Speaking of snacks, you ever get hungry inside the TV? Maybe I should bring something in with me next time...

Good god, this Meat Gum smells horrible. If she can still snack after some of this there's no curing her. Anyway, I decided to train a bit with Chie.

> You decided to train with Chie.
Allllright! Today's the day!
> Chie is enthusiastic today as well.

Nanako was walking home from school around this time and ran into us.

Oh, Nanako-chan!
What are you doing?
Hm? Training, of course!
Who are you fighting with, Chie?
Myself... I guess...?
...Heheh, just kidding!
Wow, cool!
Y-You think...? Hahaha...

Huh!? N-No way! Wh-Where!?
It just landed on your back.
Get it off! Get it off me!
> Nanako took the grasshopper off Chie's back.
...You don't like grasshoppers?
I'm no good with anything with thin, jointed legs! Or anything creepy or squirmy!
Ack, now I can't get 'em out of my mind! I can't stand those things!
But they're cute...
...You're like Yukiko.
Oh, see, 'cause Yukiko's fine around bugs.
But me, I totally lose it... Kinda funny, huh?

It's sort of surprising because I've seen her bury her foot in, well, Yosuke and Shadows alike.

Th-That's not true!
It's not...
> Somehow, Chie looks happy.
A lot of kids in my class don't like bugs.
It's not just you. Don't worry!
Nanako-chan... Ooh, you don't know how happy that makes me. Thanks!
C'mon, you wanna train too?
Let's start with form. I'll teach you a kata...
> Chie and Nanako began training...
> ...You sent Nanako home before it got dark.
I'm gonna get over my fear of bugs. I don't wanna look like a sissy next to Nanako-chan!
All I have to do is think of them as Shadows! Then I'll be able to grab a whole fistful!
I-I just gave myself goosebumps...
G-Getting used to bugs might take a while, but I won't lose to Shadows!
> You felt Chie's burning passion...
> You feel your relationship with Chie has grown yet deeper...

Oh, and Chie has seriously been watching too many movies, she claims she's learned how to, and I quote, 'dragon kick Shadows to the Milky Way.'
She offered a demonstration but I'm just going to take her word for it.

> After finishing your training, you walked partway home with Chie.

We're going back into the TV after Kanji on Monday, I've decided. We can't leave him in that damned place.


That mail-order show was on today.

> You've never seen this show before. This must be the shopping program you'd heard about.
Tanaka: Hello, everyone! Welcome to the home shopping show, "Tanaka's Amazing Commodities"!
Singers: Granter of your desires!
Tanaka: I'm your host, Tanaka, with a live presentation of my Amazing Commodities!
We'll show you great items at unbeatable prices! Ooh, you won't be able to touch that dial!
Now, let's introduce today's products!
Adios Shoes! This is a limited edition pair of high-quality shoes!
But wait, there's more!
I'll add two Slimming Foods to the Adios Shoes! All this for only 5,980 yen!
We've got another fantastic product on sale today!
One Medical Kit! It's very helpful in emergencies!
What can I do to sweeten this pot for you? Ooh, I know!
For this one, I'll add four Medicines to your Medical Kit for 2,980 yen!
These deals are so popular, we're only allowing one order per person!
Which would you like to purchase today!?

This mail order show is almost as freaky as there being a weapon store in town, that he sells things like that. Anyway, I figured Chie might be interested in the shoes and called in an order.

Tanaka: Today's sale is over, but you'll get another chance next Sunday on this very same channel! See you next time!
> You hear the same song again.
Singers: Here comes Tanakaaaaa Over the airwaves to youuuuu
> The shopping program has ended.
> You turned off the TV.

Gameplay Notes:
Tanaka's back, and this time it works a little differently. Now we have two options each Sunday. In general it's either a piece of gear and some odd healing items or some rare consumables.
We also get a Prize Sticker, which we'll need for a Fox quest and which we can use to get some extra rewards. When you've got a Sunday and money it's worth it to check it out, since it uses no time.

Oh, and I finally got rid of that damn Meat Gum.

Slim Woman: It smells juicy, raw, and yet sweet... Is this the rumored Meat Gum!?
Hey, can I have a bit? I want to try it.
> You gave the woman Meat Gum.
Slim Woman: Urp!!
Wh-What is this!? It's chewy meat!
This is also considered a snack!? The world of snacks is indeed vast and infinite.
...Well, that was certainly different and odd. When I think "snack" I'll definitely recall this taste now.
Thank you... Now I won't linger in front of the Shiroku Store any more.
Oh, yes. I need to visit the shrine. I made a wish to hate snacks there.
I'll use my snack money as an offering!

I'm glad that Meat Gum could bring someone some happiness because carrying it around wasn't doing so for me. Anyway the fox seemed happy.

Calling it an early night, we're headed back to that damn sauna and who knows what's waiting for us in there?

Next Time On Persona 4: MENSBEAM!