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Part 45: 7/30/11-8/1/11


I still can't believe it's all over. Yosuke was off today, we went up to that big hill overlooking Inaba.

> Yosuke brought you here…
…I hated this place when I first came to Inaba. You can tell how small the town is from up here.
But looking at it now… It's a nice town.
> Yosuke is smiling sadly…
Cheer up.
If it were only that easy.
> Yosuke has a self-mocking smirk on his face…
I want to tell Saki-senpai something.
That what's important… isn't where you are.
This town I hated so much? Now, I love it.
There's still nothing here, but I have family and friends… and you.
The important things are never far off… They're all around you.
> Yosuke seems a bit embarrassed…
I always wanted to be "special."
I thought my life'd finally have meaning if I was "special" to someone.
That's why I was really excited when I got my Persona.
But I really didn't need it… It's not what you have or what you can do…
Just being born, living your life… Before you know it, you're already special to someone.

Yosuke was getting pretty deep.

Yeah… Like you… You're special to me, you know?
> Yosuke is rubbing his nose…
> You can feel Yosuke's warm trust…
> You feel your relationship with Yosuke has grown deeper…

I'm surprised at how tough Yosuke's gotten.

Alright, let's see if we can find everyone's house from here!
There's Junes, and that's the main street, so… My house is there, the one with that funky roof.
Meaning yours is…
> You spent a long while with Yosuke…

Despite what he was saying last time, Yosuke's definitely changed quite a lot.


I ran into Rise outside Marukyu, she wanted to head down to Souzai Daigaku.

> You came at Rise's earnest request…
I can't take another bite. My stomach's full…
But that really hit the spot! I've been wanting to come here.
But it's a little embarrassing to show up alone, you know?
You don't eat out?
If someone snapped a photo of me doing that, I'd hear it from my agency.
The last time I ate out was at a festival when I was still a little kid.
Back then, it was me and my family… It was fun.
> Rise is smiling nostalgically…
To tell you the truth, I've wanted to do this since I was a child.
My parents were actually pretty strict.
I didn't really have many friends.
Though I guess that couldn't be helped, since I hardly ever showed up for school.
Er, that's enough talk about that! What a depressing subject, huh?
Let's talk about something fun. After all, I don't want to waste the time we have together!
It's so great that I came to this town and met you.
Really, I'm serious!
> Rise smiles naturally…
> You feel you relationship with Rise has grown deeper…

You never really think about how lonely it must be to be a celebrity.

Sooo, why don't I start by asking what kind of girl you like?
> You dealt with Rise's barrage of questions until it became dark, then went home.

I don't think she's quite used to real life yet.


So I learned today how cool Yukiko can be sometimes.

> Yukiko seems embarrassed for some reason…
Uh… Umm.
Do you remember Kasai-san, the waitress? She seems to have told everyone about you…
Now, they're saying I sh-should bring you home…
Adults are so quick to poke fun at me… It's such a hassle, isn't it…?
B-But of course my family runs an inn, so guests come by all the time…
Maybe next time, you can just come in…
Middle-Aged Man: Oh, Yuki-chan!
Oh, the deputy mayor.
Deputy Mayor: The people at the inn seemed very busy. Is something going on?
Oh no! Today was the interview for the travel show!
Deputy Mayor: On TV? That's great! You'll try and make Inaba look inviting, won't you?
I'm sorry, I have to go.

I was surprised after what happened last time a TV crew had come by.

Uh-huh. It's for a travel show.
It looks like a serious show, and we agreed to it because my mother and I won't be filmed.
But they need me to help clean, so I have to go now.
> Yukiko looks apologetic…
Kasai: There you are, Yuki-chan!
Kasai-san? What's wrong?
Kasai: That TV crew came, but don't go to the inn!
It was a trick! It's those people from that "news of the weird" show!
And I think they're looking for you! So stay put, you got that?
Huh… O-Okay, but…
Man's Voice: There you are.
No use in hiding, future manager of the cursed inn.
C-Cursed inn…?
Shady Reporter: We know all about that murder case. Mayumi Yamano stayed at your place, right?
And you guys've been hurting what with the drop in visitors, huh?
So I came up with a great idea!
"The High-School Manager's Embarrassing Struggle: Renovating the Cursed Inn!"
How's that grab you? The customers will be pouring in, I tell ya.

What a shithead.

Shady Reporter: I want you to be the star. When we introduce the hot springs, let us film a little bathing scene, eh?
"The Modest Manager's Steamy Service!" Our ratings will go through the roof!
Young Man: That sounds like a great idea!
Kasai: Listen, you…
Anyway, please leave. We are not interested in your coverage.
Shady Reporter: You're refusing? *sigh * Look, kid…
You don't know the power of television, do you? Well, I can't blame you, living in the countryside.
We're trying to help you out here. I mean, do you WANT the patrons to dry up?
If you're gonna be the next manager, I'm trusting you to make the right decision here.
I… won't be… the next manager.
Shady Reporter: Oh, really? Hmmm… That so?
Well, you just say the word, and I can hook you up with a better gig than running this dump of an inn.
You could call yourself the "Former High-School Innkeeper"…
Heheheh, I'm already liking the sound of that! Why don't you hear me out?
Kasai: How dare you say that to Yuki-chan…!

Yukiko was already getting pretty sick of this guy.

Shady Reporter: What the shit…?
You say your inn has been going for generations, but all that means is, it's crappy and run-down.
Tradition is so last year. You'd be better off if you did close up shop.
I've seen the stuff you serve… Small portions, decent service, nothing that stands out.
If you want customers, you can't just do the same old, same old.
You guys don't get that, and that's why you suck.
Your waitresses don't even give any extra service unless you tip 'em, huh?
Heyyyy… I know!
Why don't you make all the waitresses young girls, and have 'em do all-day menus?
Y'know, spread the futon out, then go straight in!
But anyways, I was saying… Let's give your place a little TV-style publicity.
Use your head, willya?
Kasai: ……

And that was when Yukiko absolutely lost her shit.

Don't say another word about our inn! Who'd take your stupid ideas seriously!?
From now on, we refuse ANY coverage from your station!
Shady Reporter: You… bitch!
If that's how you wanna play it, I'll plaster those words all over prime time! See how that feels!
Go ahead, by all means.
And we'll respond with an official complaint to your sponsors.
Young Man: Th-This isn't sounding good, sir.
Shady Reporter: …Tch!
I said some incredible things…
Kasai: …Haha.
Kasai: Oh, I should contact the inn. I'll see you later!
I just… kind of lost it when he was insulting everyone.
W-Was I scary?

It was one of the most awesome things I've ever seen honestly.

R-Really? Thank goodness…
> Yukiko seems relieved…
There was a time not long ago when I thought, "It'd be better off if it closed," but it's like my home…
It's where everyone in my world is…
I can't let it close…
> It seems Yukiko is starting to face her true feelings…
> You feel your relationship with Yukiko has grown yet deeper…

As I was thinking earlier, she was never really serious about leaving.

Hey… Can you stay here just a little longer…?
My heart's still racing…
> You stayed with Yukiko for a while and walker her to the inn.

I'm glad she's started to realize what she really wants.