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Part 7: 4/12-4/13: Pirates Are In This Year

Part 7: 4/12-4/13: Pirates Are In This Year

We just got Ryuji. Time to fight.

Music: Will Power

Kamoshida’s cognition ain’t changin, right? Then I’ll act like the troublemaker I am!

Ryuji uses Electric and Physical skills, as I said last update. He doesn’t actually know any physical strikes at the moment, though, leaving just plain ol’ Zio to knock down these enemies. We won’t be using Zio all that much because of Ryuji’s garbage SP pool, but it’s handy nonetheless.

This is not a very trying fight.

Music: Disquiet

...How ‘bout that!?
Whoa… So Ryuji had the potential too...
Even if you apologize now… I ain’t forgivin’ you!
I told you that this is my castle. It seems you still don’t understand...


What’s going on…!?

Yeah, now that you mention it… But why is she even here!?

How many times must I tell you until you understand? This is MY castle—a place in which I can do whatever I want. Everyone wishes to be loved by me. ...That is, everyone besides slow-witted thieves like you.
Takamaki! Say somethin’!
Calm down, Ryuji! It seems that girl isn’t the real one. She’s the same as those slaves—a being made from Kamoshida’s cognition of her!
Are you jealous? Well, I’m not surprised. Women aren’t drawn to problematic punks like you.
Clean them up this instant!

We’re outnumbered… Let’s scram before we get surrounded!
We’re not gonna do anything and just run!?

Thank god you’ve got a level head.
Ngh… Fine. We’ll expose what you really are, no matter what! You better be ready for us…!
Hahaha! I was beginning to get bored of torturing the ones here! Come at me whenever you want, if you don’t care about your life! Haaaahahahaha!
Ignore him. Let’s go!

*pant* Anyways! I don’t remember changin’ into this!

Uhh… Should I be happy about that? …Then again, it ain’t as bad as yours.
Did you find them!?
No. Search that way!
So what’s goin’ on? I’m completely lost, man…!
I told you before. When a Persona-user opposes a Palace’s ruler and becomes a threat to them, this happens. It’s to prevent you from being affected by distortions.
Is this… a skull?
Your appearance reflects you inner self. It’s the rebel that slumbers within… ...Not that you’ll get it.
Then stop asking questions and accept what you see for what it is.
Easy for you to say. *gasp* Wait, we’re in deep shit!
I said to be quiet!
We might’ve gotten away here, but we’re still screwed with Kamoshida at the real school...
That’s quite sharp of you! ...For being an idiot. Relax. The Kamoshida in reality can’t possibly know about what happens here. A Shadow is the true self that is suppressed—a side of one’s personality they don’t want to see.
...So we’re OK?
Did the Kamoshida in reality remember about the execution?

There you have it.
All right! Now that we know that, all we gotta do is--
Wait. I guided you as promised. It’s your turn to cooperate with me.

That’s why I was super nice about teaching you idiots everything.
Huh? Cooperate?
Don’t you remember? I originally came here for an investigation. I need to erase the distortion from my body and regain my real form! That’s why we must delve deep into Mementos and--
Whoa, hold up. What’re you goin’ on and on about? We never said anything about helpin’ you out.

Music: My Homie

Huh? Don’t tell me… Are you not going to repay the hospitality I showed you? Especially you! You’re going to up and leave, even though you’re already part of my master plan!?

Is it because I’m not human…? Because I’m like a cat…? Is that why you’re making a fool of me!?
We’re busy! Thanks for everything, cat. You’ve got guts, bein’ a cat and all! See you around!
Hey! What the hell!? Ugh, seriously! Why’re you wrapping this up like everything’s hunky-dory!?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

...Thank god. We’re back. I dragged you around a lot, huh? ...Sorry, man. Ugh, I’m dead tired… How you holdin’ up?

Me too… Man, I’m gonna sleep like a rock when I get home. But damn, if what we saw was for real, this is gonna get good! I totally remember the faces of the guys Kamoshida was treatin’ like slaves. Once we make ‘em fess up to any physical abuse, Kamoshida will be done. So… wanna help me look for those guys or any witnesses?

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Hey, so… If you’re thinkin’ of layin’ low ‘cause you got a record, I don’t think that’ll help… Everyone already knows. They totally got you pegged as a criminal.

Kamoshida opened his damn mouth!

No one else besides a teacher could’ve leaked it that fast! It doesn’t matter if it’s a student or a club; that asshole just wrecks things he doesn’t agree with. Just like he did with me…! No one’ll take anything I say seriously. Still, those rumors about him gettin’ physical might be real. And after seein’ Kamoshida’s distorted-heart thing in person, there’s no way I can just sit back!

We should know what we’re getting into, man. I’m not saying don’t do it, but this could have unforeseen consequences.

You gotta do this! I’ll help out too!
I’m countin’ on you! Don’t worry; I’m hyped about this too!

Music: Interrogation Room

However, you did not. There are merits to having associates… That’s what you decided. Am I wrong?

Music: The Spirit

So, we’ve unlocked our first Confidant. These are just a themed version of the Social Links from 3 and 4. The tarot motifs return and everything. Speaking of which, Ryuji is not, in fact, the Magician, as one might think from his similarity in role to Junpei and Yosuke. He is instead the Chariot, which symbolizes concepts like determination and will power, but also a lack of control and aggression when reversed.

Right. I haven’t eaten anything since lunch. It’d be weird splittin’ off now, so why don’t we grab a bite somewhere?

Just follow me. I mean, I totally gotta hear about your past!

The hell, man! How much shittier can that asshole get!?

Are you for real? If it was me, I wouldn’t calm down until I punched that dick in the face. So… you left your hometown, and… you’re livin’ here now, huh? We might be more alike than I originally thought.

I don’t got a record like you do. I mean, that’s not the point. I guess it’s how we’re treated like a pain in the ass by the people around us, like we don’t belong. I did something stupid at school before, too.

Ryuji shovels the entire bowl into his mouth and slams it onto the counter.

The place you’re livin’ now is in… Yongen, right? It’s rush hour on the subways. I suggest you kill some time before headin’ home.

Ryuji places more of… something into your bowl.

Just lemme do it. I gotta thank you for helpin’ me. Anyways, I got your back like you got mine from tomorrow on. As long as we do something about Kamoshida, I’m sure we’ll both feel better about bein’ at school. Oh, yeah!

By “occasionally” they of course mean “constantly.” The deluge of messages in this game never ceases.

Just you wait, Kamoshida… We’re gonna start right away tomorrow. First, let’s hit up those guys that were kept as slaves. The volleyball rally’s tomorrow, huh? Shit’s recommended by Kamoshida. Makes me wanna gag. But thanks to that, we got no classes in the afternoon, and we can walk around unnoticed. Well, I guess we can work out the details tomorrow…

Meanwhile, at school...

I-I haven’t been sleeping well lately… Whenever I close my eyes, I keep thinking about too many things…

Music: Confession/Secret

Nationals are coming up soon, so I keep thinking… Should someone like me really be on the starting lineup…?
Don’t worry. Just be confident in yourself! Your skills have been recognized! It’s all because you work harder than anyone else!
….. Yeah… Volleyball’s all I have, after all…
More importantly, was that injury OK? It looked really swollen.
No, it’s nothing. It’s normal… Especially because a meet’s coming up...

Um… Mr. Kamoshida told me to get you.
Huh? What does he want…?
He didn’t say...
….. Ann, I…
….. It’ll be fine! I bet it’s a meeting about the starting lineup or something.
….. ...Yeah. Well, I better go...
Yup. Good luck!

Shiho and the quiet student leave.

Hang in there, Shiho…!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I take it you actually went to school today?

I guess you learned your lesson after what happened yesterday. Eh, as long as you’re not getting into trouble, it’s fine by me. I don’t know what you’ve been up to, but trust me, you’ll be gone if you start causing problems. In case you forget, your life is not a free one right now.

You’re a bro, man… Welp, seeya tomorrow! Let’s save those guys who’ve been getting abused. You and me.
...Sheesh, are you even listening to me? Just stay away from bad influences, OK? Hey, I’m gonna head home for the night. I’ll lock the store up. Don’t go wandering out.

We ended up at that weird place when we used this nav app, right?

I deleted it earlier, but it came back… Think it’s being downloaded on its own somehow?

Basically, it’s gonna depend on how we use it. But first we gotta find evidence for the beatings. I’m counting on you, all right? Don’t go ditching school on me.

Music: Aria of the Soul

I thought about resuming our previous conversation tonight. That is why I have summoned you. What are your thoughts? Are you becoming accustomed to this place?

Ah, glad to hear it. It seems you have nerves of steel. Your rehabilitation determines if ruin can be stopped. Yet, such a feat cannot be done by you alone. But today, you entered a partnership with someone who awoke to the same power, haven’t you?

Involving yourself with others is an important foundation for your recovery. You’ve done well. That said, I am not advising the formation of superficial relationships. It must not be of frivolity, but a ring of those, who would, by morals or faith, lend you their strength. In other words, they are bonds with those who have been robbed of their places to belong. The expansion of said ring will, in return, help you mature as well.
Personas are the strength of heart… The stronger the bonds that surround you, the more power your Personas will gain.
There are countless people in the city who have talents that a weakling like you doesn’t. You better rack that noggin of yours and get them on your side. We’ll change that into power.

So yeah, just Social Links under a new name. But, there’s more, and that’s where this gets way more compelling.

Indeed. You should be prepared to use even myself, or your ambitions will not come to fruition. *chuckle* We have a deal then.
It feels like Igor has high expectations of me...

Igor is Fool, for the record, which symbolizes beginnings and free-spiritedness, but also naïveté. It applies more to the protagonist than to Igor, which is why it’s actually the protagonist’s Arcana. The Fool Arcana is special because it’s the number 0, which on its own symbolizes emptiness and possibility. All the protagonists of the more recent Persona games were of the Fool Arcana, and it grants special abilities to those blessed with it. I could be coy about it but there’s really no point: it’s the power to control multiple Personas.

What really elevates the Confidants above Social Links is that each of them provides specific abilities. Wild Talk lets us negotiate with enemy Shadows during a Hold Up instead of proceeding into an All-out Attack, while Arcana Burst gives bonus experience from fusion based on the Confidant Rank of the resulting Persona’s Arcana. We’ll go more into what those mean for us when we get to them.

Well, you will understand it all in due time… Continue devoting yourself to your rehabilitation.
Now this conversation’s over! Get lost, Inmate!

The next morning...

And why are they pitting us against the teacher team? Kamoshida’s gonna crush us.
We get to see his technique live and in person, though. We should totally get spiked on!
Yeah, OK. You’re gonna get your face smashed in. Just look at how banged up the volleyball team is. What the hell goes on during their practices?

Music: So Boring

As you all know, today is the volleyball rally. Head to the gymnasium once you’ve changed. Got it?


Kamoshida spikes...

...and the student fails to return.

So, if I’m understanding this correctly, this volleyball rally is just an excuse for the teachers, primarily Kamoshida, to dunk all over every student in school. What the hell is the stated point of this?

They show this spike from three different angles, because Kamoshida’s just that good.

The same student takes the spike right to the face.

Someone! Take him to the nurse’s office!

And Kamoshida continues on without breaking stride.


Music: Tokyo Emergency

Get to know each other better, my ass. It’s just a one-man show for him to stroke his ego. And how he acted like he was worried about Mishima? What an abusive d-bag…! ...Well, anyways. Now’s our chance to go look for the guys we saw were slaves yesterday. Let’s look for the faces we saw at the castle. All the members of the team should be here today. I’ll be sure to find someone to spill about Kamoshida’s physical abuse. Just you wait, asshole.

The first one that popped out was a guy from Class D, so let’s start from there. That’s your class. Hopefully you can get him to talk without any issues. People have been avoidin’ me lately, so… Oh, but you’re kinda in the same boat, huh.

Returning from Persona 4 is the incredibly useful ability to warp around the map. The areas in P5 are generally a lot bigger, so it’s a life-saver.

The rumors are only getting worse. Now we’ve got multiple convictions for murder and pull knives on people.

Let’s see if newspaper girl knows anything.

I can’t… Every time I try to look into them, the higher-ups of our school pressure me out of it.
The hell!? So Kamoshida’s pullin’ strings behind the scenes?
...Can we stop this? I’d rather not get in trouble for talking to you guys.
Tch, fine...

Are you skipping out on the volleyball rally? I guess I expect it from you, transfer.
Hey, that’s the guy who was over at the castle.
You too, Sakamoto!? What do you guys want…?

What!? Wh-What are you saying? Of course not.
It’s Kamoshida, ain’t it? Look, I ain’t gonna tell anyone you squealed. Just tell us about how Kamoshida’s abusin’ you.
I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!

I’m not! You guys are talking complete nonsense!
Don’t try n’ hide it! We already know!
You… You know? You have proof?
Well, uh… I...
This is ridiculous. Please, leave me alone. You’re really bothering me!
...All right, that’s enough. C’mon, let’s go.

Crap. If we keep goin’ at this pace, the ball game’s gonna end...

Guess that’d be faster. I’ll check the Practice Building for people before clubs start. You handle the Classroom Building. There’s a third-year on the volleyball team that I remember. I think he’s in… 3-C? He might be around his classroom. The third-year classrooms are on the first floor. He was gettin’ beat pretty badly at the castle. He might have some injuries here too… Anyways, I’ll hit you up if I find anything. Seeya!

I know. I hate rumors already, but they’re only getting more and more complex as time goes on.
I wonder if he’s all right… I hope he’s not letting it get to him too much.
That’s just like you, Shiho. Always worrying about other people before yourself. Kinda like when you were there for me…

We’ve been discovered!

...It’s from practice.
Hey, I know who this guy is. He’s that transfer student who’s been hanging out with Sakamoto...
Oh, I get it. You’re trying to snoop on Mr. Kamoshida, right? Look, our volleyball team performs at a national level. Of course our practices are gonna be tough. Mr. Kamoshida’s just dedicated to training us. Don’t believe everything Sakamoto says.

D-Don’t talk like you know!
Hey, we should stop talking to him. What if he loses it and starts attacking us? I heard he even carries a knife around. Who knows what he’s capable of.

Him too…? Man, everyone’s too freaked out about Kamoshida. But I still got a lead. A first-year, new member. He just joined, so he might not be all wrapped up in Kamoshida’s web of bullshit yet. Pretty sure he’s in class 1-B. Try the first-year classrooms. They’re up on the third floor!

Up on the third floor, we find our target.

Whaddya want?

Wh-What…!? Why would you say something like that? I mean, sure Mr. Kamoshida’s strict, but it’s like this for all the other sports teams, right? Though, the special coaching he gave Mishima-senpai was prolly too far… O-Oh, uh… I seriously don’t know anything! Sorry!

P-Please… just stop talking to me… Ask someone else if you wanna know anything more...
Attention, attention.

So you didn’t have any luck either… Mkay, let’s regroup for now. See you in the courtyard?

Music: Disquiet

It’ll be quick. Anyway, what’s with you? Like, how you were late the other day was a lie and all. …There’s that weird rumor about you too.
Whaddya want with him?

...We just happened to get to know each other.
What’re you planning on doing to Mr. Kamoshida?
Huh!? ...I see. I getcha. You’re all buddy-buddy with Kamoshida after all.
This has nothing to do with you, Sakamoto!
If you found out what he’s been doin’ behind your back, you’d dump him right away.
Behind my back…? What’s that supposed to mean…?
You wouldn’t get it.
Anyway, people are already talking about you two. I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but no one’s gonna help you. I’m warning you, just in case. That’s all.

We just went to the same middle school. Anyways, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. I had no luck on my end. What about you? Did anything like someone’s name turn up?

Huh? I don’t get where you’re goin’ with that...
It might have been a different name...

Huh…? ...Special “coaching,” huh? True. I always see the guy covered in bruises. Let’s go talk to him before he leaves then.

Sakamoto…? And you, too…!?
C’mon, we just wanna chat. Kamoshida’s been “coaching” you, huh? You sure it’s not just physical abuse?

What’re you talkin’ all polite for? Anyways… We saw him spike you today. Right in the face.
That was just because I’m not good a the sport...
Still, that doesn’t explain all the other bruises you’ve got.
They’re from practice...!
Is he forcin’ you to keep quiet?

Mishima, isn’t it time for practice?
I-I’m not feeling well today...
What? Maybe you’re better off quitting then. You’re never going to improve that crappy form unless you show up to practice.

Well, Mishima? Are you coming to practice or not?
...I’ll go.

Same goes for you. Didn’t the principal tell you to keep in line.

Nothing beats some hot, fresh, spicy sass towards an authority figure.

Hmph. Just don’t get in the way of my practice. All these unsettling rumors are making the students anxious after all.

I’m sure you’d know all about that, huh?

That’s your own goddamn fault.
This won’t get us anywhere. Let’s go, Mishima. Shujin Academy is a place where those with aspirations come to learn. Unworthy students like yourselves don’t have any right to be here. Get with the program!
Yes, sir.

Kamoshida walks away.

That asshole…

...There’s no point.
Proving that he’s physically abusing us… is meaningless.

Your parents know? Holy shit, that’s dark.

This has gotta be a joke...
...Don’t be a pain. You don’t understand what I’m going through. Shouldn’t you of all people know that nothing’s going to help…!?

No… I ain’t givin’ up. ...I’ll try one more time to persuade the other guys. That’s… all I can do.

Back at home...

Yeah… It’s basically because Kamoshida made the volleyball team famous, yeah? Even so, that don’t give him the right to do whatever he wants!

Ann Takamaki. You met her in the courtyard, remember? You should know her. I mean, she’s in your class, dude. Ugh! What a load of bull! I can’t let it end like this. I’m gonna try and find someone who knows about what’s going one with Kamoshida during break tomorrow. Just you watch. I ain’t giving up!

Ryuji’s gonna keep trying. Good for him. We’ll see how that goes when tomorrow comes.